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Friends of the Ferries Liverpool Dock Cruise 2013

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2013

This is a photographic record of the Friends of the Ferries Across The Mersey, Liverpool Dock Cruise which took place on June 23, 2013 using the MV SNOWDROP. The vessel departed Seacombe just after 11:00 calling at Woodside and Liverpool. After departure from Liverpool SNOWDROP headed north to Gladstone Lock where she entered the Liverpool Dock system, heading north to Seaforth and then south to Bramley Moore Dock before heading back into the river via Langton Lock and dropping passengers off at Birkenhead, Liverpool and finally Seacombe.
Royal Boskalis Group's SOSPAN DAU heading to the Manchester Ship Canal with spoil dredged from the site of the new Liverpool Two Container terminal to be built at Gladstone River Wall.
Stena Lagan departing for Belfast.MERSEY ENDURANCE refuelling the fuel barge ASTON at Liverpool Sea Terminal SMIT WATERLOO heads for Gladstone River EntranceNORMAND TONJER heads for Langton River Entrance
Arriving at Gladstone River Entrance around 12:18 the level change being completed by around 12:36GLOBAL LAGUNA loading scrap at Gladstone West.
GLOBAL LAGUNA is operated by NYK of TokyoThe old radar tower. Will it survive construction of Liverpool Two?Wagonborg Shipping's FLAVOBORG at Seaforth Dock.CENTA of Peter Dielman at Seaforth
Another look at FLAVOBORG in Seaforth Dock.This gap would have been the passage to a Seaforth Dock extension. Now unlikely to ever happen with the construction of Liverpool TwoCoastal Container Lines chartered vessels COASTAL DENIZ and COASTAL ISLE at Seaforth Container terminal.
Kopping Reederei's RACHEL BORCHARD at Seaforth Container Terminal. Below right OSLO TRADER operated by Hermann Buss GMBH of Germany
GLOBAL LAGUNA viewed from Seaforth DockTIARE operated by Marwave Ship Management of Italy.The former Gladstone Graving Dock, now the P&O Terminal.Alexandra #3 Branch Dock. Tug UNION DIAMOND in ne corner.

Tug JC which sank in Holyhead Harbour during Augist 2012,  originally Thames lighterage tug LIGHTERMAN built in 1954, being broken up at Alexandra Dock scrap yard. She was recovered from Holyhead by floating crane LARA1

SEATRUCK POWER at her Langton Dock berth awaiting her evening sailing to Dublin.
Canada #3 Branch Dock with Gardline, Holyhead Towing and P&O wind turbine crew transfer vessels.Nineteen years or so after her arrival on Merseyside the former German ferry PRINCESS ROYAL (ex HABICHT II) continues to rust at the entrance to Canada Graving Dock.The now disused Canada Graving Dock, last utilised for ship breaking. The gates appear to be in a less than satisfactory condition.
PRINCESS ROYALThe new discharge pipe due to be installed at the Wellington Dock Sewage Works.   
Interesting gig boat shelter in the entrance to the long in-filled Huskisson #2 Branch Dock, destroyed when the MALAKAND blew up in WWII The former Henty fleet of oilers laid up at Huskisson #1 Branch Dock Dock, their work being replaced by the new MERSEY ENDURANCE
The former Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Douglas linkspan which saw later life under Sea Containers ownership at Heysham continues to languish in Huskisson #3 Branch Dock.SCAN SCARAB and DANIEL ADAMSON in Sandon Half Tide Dock.
Steam Tug Tender DANIEL ADAMSON wrapped in her protective sheeting at Sandon Dock.
The now in-filled Wellington Dock, with the new Sewage Treatment works under construction.Bramley Moore DockSvitzer tugs at the company's berth in BRAMLEY MOORE dock and pollution control vessel POLGARTH.
Remains of the high level coal railway and hydraulic pumping station at Bramley Moore Dock.
Bramley Moore DockThe isolator dam constructed in 2009, blocking off access south from Bramley Moore Dock.Below the water are valve inlets that control the flow of water between the northern and central docks.Fascinating dockside decay - Bramley Moore Dock
The Sandon River EntranceSAND SWAN owned by Baltic Marine Investments of Lithuania - ex Merseyside Sand Supplies laid up in Sandon Half Tide DockLaid up fuel barge STANLEY H and other barge in Sandon Half Tide Dock.Border Force Rummage Ship ALTEA
The former James Fisher & Sons bunker barge FURNESS FISHER in Huskisson Dock, ahead of AB VALENCIA (ex TIARE MOANA). SNOWDROP paused by the Huskisson / Canada swing bridge to allow NORMAND TONJER to pass through around 14:12 and swing astern into Huskisson #3 Branch Dock.
NORMAND TONJER arriving at Huskisson #3 Branch Dock. She is one of a number of vessels regularly calling at the port of Liverpool in support of the construction of the Liverpool Bay Windfarms.
NORMAND TONJER moves astern into Huskisson #3 Branch Dock as SMIT ANGOLA completes bunkering from MERSEY SPIRIT.

MERSEY ENDURANCE heading back to her base in Huskisson  Dock. Floating crane LARA I (ex-MERSEY MAMMOTH) can be seen at her usual berth in the north west corner of Canada Dock.

POLAR PRINCE had arrived at Canada #3 Branch Dock by the time the cruise made its way back north.

PV KITTIWAKE and survey vessel ROYAL CHARTER in Brocklebank Dock
Running down in Langton Lock around 14:50

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