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Lady of Mann

December 03, 2004

Photographs & Text  Michael Bracken 2004

Liverpool - Douglas


Captain-Dermot O'Toole

The LADY OF MANN came off the stage shortly after 08:30 with quite a low load of passengers having two sailings scheduled for that day anyway this low amount of passengers and cars was understandable as more people would prefer sailing overnight if they worked during the day.

MERSEY VIKING arrived at 12 Quays South berth shortly after the Lady's departure having with a delayed sailing from Belfast possibly due to the weather conditions and swell round the Isle of Man.

Shortly after reaching New Brighton, LINDAROSA passed with which looked like a full freight load onboard making her way to the Twelve Quays north berth with a delayed sailing from Dublin.

There was nothing else much to report within the bay only the COASTAL BREEZE heading for Gladstone Lock with a low load of freight. Clearing the bay the oil tanker OLYMPIA was noted anchored off the bar waiting for the afternoon tide.

The LADY OF MANN was recorded as making a steady speed of 19 knots with a force 6 conditions and a full flood tide. Although the crossing was slightly bumpy the Lady was making excellent time and seem to ride the waves like a true Irish Sea monarch.

The crossing to the Island was quite quiet with little shipping around.

We made our way into Douglas Bay. The small Everard tanker ABILITY was discharging a cargo of fuels for Manx Petroleum on the Battery Pier. The LADY OF MANN berthed on the outside of Victoria Pier bow inwards with her bow facing the town. Discharging began just before 12:25 five minutes earlier than the scheduled arrival time.



Douglas - Liverpool


Captain-Alan Albiston

The Friday service from Liverpool gives time to have a quick look around the town and pick up a new brochures before heading back to the check in., It is a shame these trips will not operate past this month. [Nor during the autumn or 2005 - JHL]

Boarding commenced shortly before 13:20 with a larger number of foot passengers & cars. The Captain announced the crossing would be more comfortable as the wind had died down and was in the opposite direction to us. The Lady departed the harbour shortly before 13:45.

Shortly before darkness fell MERSEY VIKING was spotted on her daytime crossing from Birkenhead-Belfast.

On entering Liverpool Bay there was no shipping to be reported apart from a container vessel heading out to sea. On run up to the Mersey NORBAY was noted unloading at the P&O Gladstone terminal. BRAVE MERCHANT was noted at Twelve Quays - north.

On approach to Prince's Landing Stage the jack-up Seacore barge SKATE 2 had commenced preparatory drilling for the new Cruise Terminal. SKATE 2 had been positioned earlier that day by Carmet's tug AUDREY.

The LADY OF MANN was on the stage at 17:40 and discharging followed shortly after this.

All together the crossing was one of the best I have undertaken on the Irish Sea at this time of year, showing the Lady is still, and hopefully for many years to come, the pride of the Irish Sea.


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