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SeaCat Isle of Man: Liverpool to Douglas

SuperSeaCat Three: Douglas to Liverpool

July 24, 2002

Liverpool - Douglas: SeaCat Isle of Man

Captain Kelly

SeaCat Isle of Man arrived punctually from Douglas at 09:30.

Boarding commenced, shortly before 10:00. All vehicles and baggage were on board by 10:20. SEACAT ISLE OF MAN departed at 10:24 with 257 passengers and 58 vehicles under the command of Captain Kelly

Force 4 South Westerly winds with a  moderate sea and swell were reported.

Container ship CAST POWER was about to ascend Gladstone Lock in the company of Adsteam Tugs.

10:38 Passed Rock

MD&HC Dredger MERSEY MARINER was passed in Channel before Crosby bend.

Formby light float was passed at 10:59, with James Fisher's LOUGH FISHER heading inbound.

SEACAT ISLE OF MAN cleared the Queen's Channel at Q1 at 11:00. Some miles ahead could be seen the stern of one of the Norse Merchant Vikings heading for Belfast.

11:50 Norse Merchant's SAGA MOON could be seen approaching from the east on her morning sailing to Dublin. We appeared to be on something of an intersecting course until 11:58 when SEACAT ISLE OF MAN gave way and swung to starboard across SAGA MOON's stern.

Around 12:05 the Chief Officer gave an update on our progress and announced our speed at 31 knots with arrival off the head at 12:50

12:06 RIVERDANCE overtaken enroute to Warrenpoint.

As we entered Douglas harbour Ramsey Steamship Company's BEN VARREY was on the inside of Victoria Pier whilst on the outside was Gulf Offshore's rig service vessel CLWYD SUPPORTER.

12:55 Ropes On

Douglas - Liverpool: SuperSeaCat Three

22:00 Douglas - Liverpool

SUPERSEACAT THREE entered the harbour at 20:50, berthing on the Victoria Pier. SEACAT ISLE OF MAN arrived from Belfast at around 21:20, bow on at the Edward Pier. SCIOM's foot passengers discharging via the bow doors after the vehicles had disembarked.

SUPERSEACAT THREE singled up at 21:53.

Departure was at 21:55 with 220 passengers under command of Captain Taha

As SSC3 moved off SCIOM obtained permission to move to number 1 berth on Victoria Pier.

Blue Riband was rather busy though crew let me have a table seat in 1st Class. Must admit the first seats are not that comfortable. They are certainly narrower since they have been switched to three abreast.

 I spent some time outside on the deserted open deck as the last streaks of daylight gradually faded away. An uneventful and swift crossing followed. The Douglas platform was passed at 23:23 and Liverpool Bar at 23:32.

Past off Douglas rig 23:23.

23:32 Liverpool Bar

BRAVE MERCHANT passed outbound at 23:45 followed five minutes later by MERSEY VIKING. A small Stolt  tanker followed, believed to be STOLT KITTIWAKE - though I could not positively identify it

C23 was passed at 23:53 and speed reduced. SUPERSEACAT THREE was secure alongside Prince's Landing Stage at 00:18 twelve minutes ahead of schedule.

John Luxton



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