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SuperSeaCat Three: 13:15 Dublin to Liverpool

May 6, 2002

Photographs John Luxton 2002

When I arrived at the Dublin terminal around 11:45 there was a good queue of vehicles waiting to pass through both the Irish Ferries and Sea Containers Check in booths

Since my last journey with the car in April it was interesting to note that vehicles for the Sea Co sailings are handed bright day-glo "SEACAT" identity labels to hang on the car mirrors. Vehicles destined for Irish Ferries appear to be given day-glo yellow labels. 

 SUPERSEACAT THREE was noted in the channel approaching berth 49 at shortly after 12:00.

However, JONATHAN SWIFT was a few minutes behind her 12:15 departure schedule, not getting away until around 12:18 and once again SSC3 had to wait. This appears to be a regular ritual which is not surprising as SUPERSEACAT THREE is scheduled to arrive at exactly the same time as the JONATHAN SWIFT departs. 

13:20 SUPERSEACAT THREE departed from Dublin with Poolbeg Lighthouse being passed at 13:29. Workboats noted in the bay around the floating platforms were VOE TRADER and SPLIT ONE.

At 13:40 there was much whistle blowing by SUPERSEACAT THREE as a small yacht came too close. It appears as though the yacht may have cut across the bows, through from where I was sitting I could not be entirely certain.

14:21 A group of five fishing boats were noted at work.

15:12 SUPERSEACAT THREE was off Holyhead.

Around 15:20 I went for a wander around the vessel. The main passenger lounges were quite busy, though by comparison the bar appeared fairly quiet. Gaming machines have now replaced the shop display cabinets in the bar area. The last time I travelled on SSC3 the cabinets had been removed but the machines had not yet appeared.

15:43 Bulker was noted at anchor off Amlwch.

16:20 SUPERSEACAT THREE passed north of Douglas Platform.

16:22 EUROPEAN ENVOY heading west bound following her bank holiday visit to Canada Graving Dock.


16:29 STOLT tanker in bound

16:29 SUPERSEACAT THREE reported position five minutes from Liverpool Bar.

16:34 Tanker and two small cargo ships at Liverpool Bar Anchorage.

16:35 SUPERSEACAT THREE passed to the north of the Liverpool Bar Lightfloat. At the same time ACL's ATLANTIC CARTIER passed to the south of the lightfloat

16:42 Q1 entered channel.

16:44 Formby Lightfloat

16:48 C1

16:50 C11

16:58 C23

17:20 Secured at Liverpool Prince's Landing Stage.



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