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Saturday March 18, 2000

Captain Birtini


Outward Sailing: 

91 passengers 13 vehicles.

07:50Single Up
07:55Let Go
08:10Passed Brazil - increased speed
08:14HMS GUERNSEY [P297] passed inbound for Canada #1. 
08:16Container Ship ZIM BRITAIN passed in bound for Seaforth.
08:18Crosby Light
08:25Q9 - Coaster RIVER DART passed in bound.
08:26Formby Light
08:28Q1 left channel. 

Return ETA to Mersey Radio 16:00

08:32Outbound coaster 
08:40In bound cargo vessel
08:48Passed to the north of Douglas Rig. An Eastbound Kosan LPG Tanker noted along with what looked to be a west bound survey vessel.
09:05Great Orme's Head passed approximately 8 miles to port.
09:25Point Lynas, Anglesey
09:45Skerries Light off Anglesey. First officer informed passengers that SSCIII was running at 38 knots.
10:40Call to Dublin Port Radio - 30 minutes to reporting point Charlie.
10:47Overtook P&O's CELTIC STAR on her Liverpool to Dublin sailing.
11:10Passed reporting point Charlie in bound and entered Dublin Bay. HSS STENA EXPLORER observed departing from Dún Laoghaire plus an outbound Dublin registered trawler.
11:12Engine speed reduced. Radio messages suggested that there was a need to slow as the SuperSeaCat Berth 44 as it was currently occupied and the vessel would have to clear before SSCIII could berth.

As SSCIII ran past berth 49, the main ferry terminal berth, JONATHAN SWIFT was boarding for her mid day sailing to Holyhead.

11:41Ropes On

Crossing Time 3 hours: 46minutes

Vessels Noted in Dublin:

CANADIAN AGE II - Car Carrier, UNITED TRANSPORT - Tanker at oil terminal berth. VILLE - stone barge and MARI general purpose vessel which operates in conjunction with the VILLE. These to vessels being engaged on rebuilding work on the Great South Wall between Poolbeg Power Station and Poolbeg lighthouse.

Visible in the Alexandra Basin was a large UGLAND vessel presumed to be PARITA, no name was visible along with ARKLOW SPRAY and another cargo vessel.

On the south wall container berths up stream from the Sea Containers terminal were container ships MARGARITHA B, RHINE MASTER and MONIKA EHLER all chartered to BG Freight Line.

At 12:15 shortly before passenger boarding for the return journey commenced the CELTIC STAR passed in bound for the P&O Terminal on North Wall.

Return Sailing: 

330 Passengers and 22 vehicles. 

Starboard forward lounge was noted to be closed again during crossing despite larger number of passengers.

12:55Ropes off

KONINGIN BEATRIX was now at berth 49 preparing for her afternoon sailing to Holyhead. She had been covering for the refit of the STENA CHALLENGER.

13:18Passed reporting point Delta

A coastal tanker was noted heading in a SW direction is appeared to be a  Crescent Shipping vessel.

14:30First Officer made mid voyage report to passengers as we passed South Stack. Speed 39 knots.
14:42Passed Skerries Lighthouse
14:50Overtook STOLT TERN off Wylfa Power Station, Anglesey. Radio traffic suggested she was arranging a Mersey Pilot for 20:00.
15:58Passed Mersey Bar. Three ships at anchor south of Bar light float. STOLT CORMORANT, unidentified Everard's vessel and a coastal freighter.
16:02Q1 - Entered Channel
16:08Overtook pilot boat SKUA
16:20C23 - reduced speed
16:42Ropes on Princes Landing Stage.

Crossing Time: 3 hours : 47 minutes


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