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Voyage Report: Sea Containers



by John Luxton

Heysham - Douglas [14.30] 11 February - LADY OF MANN

Captain Fargher

Work on improving the booking office and waiting facilities at Heysham is well underway. The draughty former BR booking hall is undergoing remodelling and the waiting facilities have been improved.

Sixty five vehicles and 155 passengers boarded the vessel - quite a light load. Departure from Heysham was around 4 minutes behind schedule - but that does not present a problem for the LADY as she can easily pick up lost time on this route whose schedules are governed by the KING ORRY's lower speed.

In Heysham harbour at the NLS berth were the bulk freighter KHERSONES, ahead of that Merchant Ferries MERCHANT VICTOR was awaiting a berth at the northern linkspan before loading on the Merchant Ferries service to Dublin. Berthed at the linkspan and loading could be seen the Belfast Freight Ferries vessel RIVERDANCE which was loading for her sailing to Belfast.

Leaving the harbour the LADY OF MANN passed the RIVER LUNE also operated by BELFAST FREIGHT FERRIES which was inbound. After leaving Heysham a fairly smooth, uneventful crossing followed on approaching Douglas the PEVERIL was passed on her daily sailing from Douglas to Heysham. The PEVERIL looks quite smart again following her recent overhaul on Clydeside.

Arrival at Douglas was ahead of schedule with ropes on the Number 2 berth at Victoria Pier at 17.40 just three hours and six minutes after leaving Heysham. Thus emphasising the LADY OF MANN's greater speed over the KING ORRY's schedules. KING ORRY is scheduled to arrive at 18.15.

Douglas - Liverpool [08.30] 15 February 1997 LADY OF MANN

Captain Cowin

Though the ticket stated KING ORRY it was the LADY OF MANN which was undertaking the sailing from Douglas. Departure from Douglas was prompt at 08.30 with an almost full load of cars which where parked on the vehicle ramps. In fact the LADY looked busier that on some summer Saturdays. Presently the IOMSPCO is offering various weekend package deals to benefit Isle of Man residents and this no doubt has helped to enhance the loadings. The passenger accommodation was also quite busy with the captain reporting 387 passengers on board to Douglas control.

A smooth and uneventful crossing followed with arrival at the Prince's Landing Stage at 12.30 - the usual LADY OF MANN crossing time. Little in the way of passing shipping was noted in the channel approaching the Mersey North West Water's sludge boat CONSORTIUM 1 was passed outbound.


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