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Offshore Support Vessels Around The Port of Stavanger

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2012

North Sea Oil is a major industry in Norway. Stavanger harbour is home to the Norwegian Petrolium Museum (right) which is constructed so as to resemble and oil rig and oil production platforms. These photographs show some of the diverse range of offshore support vessels which were in and around the Port of Stavanger on Sunday August 05, 2012. No two vessels are alike. Most of the vessels recorded are bridge forward designs, however, the LNG powered VIKING LADY has a more unusual, for an offshore vessel, bridge aft configuration.

Also present were two  Ulstein X-bow ships ISLAND INTERVENTION and REM MIST - the  X-bow design developed in the mid naughties offers better fuel consumption and ship handling in rough weather and provides for somewhat unusual but never the less interesting and attractive looking ships. 

Off shore support vessels DEEP CYGNUS [9.423grt / 2009] of Volstand Management A/S and NORMAND CARRIER [3,051grt / 1996]of Solstad Rederi A/S (left)

Well stimulation vessel ISLAND INTERVENTION [11,572grt / 2011] of Island Offshore Management. (right)

A line up of offshore vessels with an interloping Brostrom tanker (left). From left to right

STRIL ORION [4,323 / 2011] of Mokster Rederi AS

REM MIST [3,969 / 2011] of Remoy Shipping AS

BRO GOTHENBURG [4,859grt 2007], Chemical / oil products tanker operated by Brostom Trankers and BORURBON SAPPHIRE [4,293 / 2008] of Bourbon Offshore.

Close up of STRIL ORION and REM MIST (right).

PROSPER [1,636 / 1983] of Simon Mokster Shipping (left)ENERGY SWAN [4,200 grt] of Golden Energy Offshore. (left)
NORTH PURPOSE [3.639 grt / 2010] Gulf Offshore Norge AS
 Offshore tug / supply ship SIEM AQUAMARINE [7,473grt / 2010] of Siem Offshore Rederi AS.


New build VIKING FIGHTER [3,580grt / 2012] of Maritime Logistic Services. She spent most of the day awaiting BALMORAL to depart to facilitate her berthing.

STRIL ORION [4,323 grt / 2011]

operated by Simon Mokster Shipping

ISLAND CRUSADER [4,676grt/ 2012] operated by Island Offshore Management.Stolstad Shipping's pipe layer NORMAND CLIPPER [11,472 grt / 2001]
VIKING LADY [6,11grt / 2009] operated by Eidesvik Shipping

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