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Athena - A Look Around A Classic Ship

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2012

The ATHENA, was laid down as the STOCKHOLM for Swedish American line in 1946 and entered service in 1948 on trans-Atlantic sailings. Much has been written about the ship and her infamous collision with the Italian Liner ANDREA DORIA in 1956. However, despite several changes of ownership and a substantial superstructure rebuild in the 1990s this veteran ship keeps sailing on. Since 2005 she has operated for the Classic International Cruises of Lisbon Portugal.

She is contemporary with the likes of Waverley Steam Navigation company's WAVERLEY and BALMORAL and ranks amongst the oldest sea going passenger ships still in operation.  Yes her superstructure might have been modified in the 1990s but there is no mistaking the classic sheer lines of her riveted hull which identify her as an ocean liner and not a cruise ship. How long she will continue to sail remains to be seen. If you get the chance of a trip don't miss it! These photographs, arranged in deck order, were taken on the Shearing's Coaches charter cruise "The Gardens of Cornwall and Normandy" operated between June 04 - 08, 2012. She is due to operate cruises for Shearing's in 2013.

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Deck 7 - Observation Deck
Deck 6 - Navigators Deck
Aeolos BarCabin 622Cabin 622Cabin 622

Navigators Deck comprises mainly accommodation cabins and balcony suites. Cabin 622 was my cabin for the trip. Small compared to some ships but very comfortable. The view from the window was partly restricted by the lifeboat but it was still possible to see out. The only public area on this deck is the open air Aeolos Bar. Also shown is the forward lift. 

Deck 5 - Promenade Deck
Deck 5 stairwell signage ATHENA has a wraparound promenade deck offering good views forward and over the foc'sle
Port side promenade deck looking forward by day and night. One mile = six laps of the deck.Starboard side promenade deck looking forwardStarboard side promenade deck looking aft
The outside promenade deck is interesting as is bridges the Calypso Deck 4a Lido Area and offers a good vantage point. The silvered windows at those of the Muses Night Club.
Muses Night Club and the Cinema are the main public areas on deck 5. The photographs show the night club. Unfortunately I didn't get round to photographing the Cinema as it always appeared to be in use. It is located forward of the night club.
Deck 4a - Calypso Deck
Calypso Show Lounge forward end of Calypso DeckFoyer to Calypso Show Lounge

The Captain's Club Bar is located on the port side next to the Calypso Show Lounge (above and left). This is where plaques presented to the ship are located.

On the starboard side of the ship is the ship's library. (right)

Moving aft on the starboard side is the Tychon Card Room and the Tychon Yellow Room lounge Circe's Casino is located aft of the Tychon Rooms on the starboard side.

The ship's shop and photograph shop (left) is located on the port side between the Captain's Club Bar and Sirene's Bar.

View looking from Sirene's Bar forward down the port side of the ship (right). In the circulating area outside Sirene's Bar a jigsaw is left out for passengers to complete. (far right)

Sirene's Bar (right) is located across the width of the ship around the curved staircase leading down to the reception area on Deck 4. The bar counter is located on the starboard side.

The Lotus Grill Self Service Restaurant used for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. The chairs are very old. Do they date back to her days as the STOCKHOLM?

The Elpinor Bar is located around the swimming pool. It provides an excellent outside location which is sheltered - deal for British weather as one can be outside and not get wet! In the bottom  right photograph crew can be seen lashing the outside tables and chairs for a forecast English Channel gale.


Deck 4 - Mediterranean Deck

Reception is located on Deck 4 on the port side (left) is the reception desk. On the starboard side is the tours desk (right) . These last minute photographs were taken during disembarkation on June 08. Also located on this deck is the ship's chapel.

Deck 3 - Atlantic Deck
The Olissipo restaurant is located on Atlantic Deck which also accommodates the kitchens and passenger cabins. The Restaurant is illuminated by double port holes which identify this area of the ship from the exterior. The restaurant is quite low down in the hull, and would probably have provided a more suitable location when ATHENA operated as the STOCKHOLM on trans-Atlantic voyages and was subjected to the rigours of Atlantic weather.



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