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P.S. Waverley - Liverpool to Fleetwood - May 08, 1977

Photographs  John H. Luxton 1977

Below is a selection of photographs taken on Sunday May 08, 1977 on the occasion of the PS WAVERLEY cruise from Liverpool to Morecambe Bay via Fleetwood. This was you web master's first voyage out into the Irish Sea apart from a trip from Fleetwood to the Wyre Light on Norwest Hovercraft Company's DENNY ENTERPRISE in 1969, but that wasn't a proper ship.

Unfortunately the photographs below are not pin sharp. Back in 1977 your web master had access to two cameras - his own Kodak Brownie 127 and his grandfather's Praktica Nova 1 SLR. Unfortunately for some reason, probably because it was loaded with AGFA CT18 slide film, the Brownie 127 was taken on the trip as slide film was preferred.  The Brownie 127, which was already over 10 years old, had a cheap an nasty plastic lens and this is reflected in the fuzzy photos and noticeable chromatic aberration.  However, with a few tricks performed by Photoshop it has been possible to bring these interesting photographs up to a standard which is reasonable enough to put on the web site.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of photographs missing from this selection, one the wreck of the PEGU on Crosby bend, which still had its mast in the 1970s and also view of Heysham Power Station. These are in your web master's collection, but were not catalogued and this were not to hand and will have to await rediscovery. Anyway I hope you enjoy these views from 37 years ago.

P.S. WAVERLEY alongside the old Prince's Landing Stage, Liverpool - May 08, 1977. Pilot Vessel behind.
Close up of the bow.
Heading out into Liverpool Bay.
P&O Pandoro BUFFALO at Fleetwood viewed from the stern of the Waverley
Evening Views (above and below) on the sail back to Liverpool.

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