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Torpoint Ferry

Torpoint Ferry - October 24, 2013John H. Luxton17/11/13
Torpoint Ferry Lynher II In ServiceJohn H. Luxton23/04/06
Plym II Crosses the Tamar Whilst Lynher II Waits on The ClydeJ.H.L. & A.S.27/08/05
Tamar IIJohn H. Luxton04/04/05
Plym II at Torpoint - February 18, 2005John H. Luxton20/02/05
Plym II at Torpoint and Devonport - February 17, 2005John H. Luxton20/02/05
Plym II First Impressions - February 15, 2005John H. Luxton20/02/05
Tamar - Almost the End of The Chain - February 2005John H. Luxton20/02/05
Lynher - February 15, 2005John H. Luxton20/02/05
Torpoint Ferries - A Nostalgic Look Back to 1979John H. Luxton20/02/05
On Board Original PlymJohn H. Luxton25/08/03

The Torpoint Ferry across the River Tamar is a busy 24 hour a day operation serving commuters, naval personnel and holiday makers.

The joint local authority service is operated by the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee.  The service is currently being upgraded by the provision of three new vessels built by Ferguson Shipbuilders of Port Glasgow. The first PLYM II is now in service with the remainder LYNHER II and TAMAR II due to be delivered and placed in service during 2005

Torpoint Ferry sees a significantly higher rate of usage than the comparative Mersey Ferries operation.  

However, Torpoint does not appear to have attracted the same popular acclaim! One wonders why? The ferries offer an  excellent view of the Tamar and Naval  movements furthermore it is completely FREE for foot passengers! Perhaps the Torpoint Ferry needs a song written about it? 

Whilst foot passengers and cyclists travel free. Motorcycles pay a toll of 20p, Cars 1.00 and commercial vehicles 2.90. There are generous [around 50%] discounts for pre-booked vouchers. 

However, the toll is only payable on sailings from Cornwall to Devon. Sailings to Cornwall are free for vehicles! A similar system operates on the nearby Tamar Road Bridge which is also managed by the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee.

If you are ever in the area, take a trip or two on the Torpoint Ferry rush hours are to be recommended to see just how well it handles the crowds. 



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