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Stena Line


Stena Lagan Outbound in Queen's Channel - April 26, 2014John H. Luxton26/04/14
Stena Europe Arrives at Fishguard Harbour - April 13, 2014John H. Luxton18/04/14
Stena Performer at Twelve Quays - February 09, 2014Peter Challis09/02/14
Stena Mersey - Svitzer Bidston Holding Steady - January 03, 2014John H. Luxton03/01/14
Stena Hibernia - Christmas Lay-up at Langton Cruise Terminal - December 24, 2013John H. Luxton24/12/13
Stena Precision Visits Twelve Quays - December 15, 2013Peter Challis15/12/13
Stena Lagan and Stena Hibernia Together at Twelve Quays - December 14, 2013John H. Luxton14/12/13
Stena Europe in Cammell Laird #5 Dry Dock - December 04, 2013Peter Challis06/12/13
Stena Nordica Brief Visit to Cammell Laird - November 30, 2013John H. Luxton01/12/13
Stena Hibernia Bunkers at Twelve Quays - November 09, 2013John H. Luxton09/11/13
Stena Europe off Strumble Head - August 06, 2013John H. Luxton09/08/13
Stena Europe Departs from Fishguard - August 05, 2013John H. Luxton09/08/13
Stena Atlantica Visits Tranmere - July 2013Peter Challis10/07/13
Stena's Rivers Together at Twelve Quays - June 29, 2013Peter Challis29/06/13
Stena Mersey at Twelve Quays - March 19, 2013Robert Foy23/03/13
Stena Performer Arrives at Heysham - September 22, 2012Sam Rollinson11/03/13
Stena Mersey - On an Easterly Track - February 17, 2013John H. Luxton21/02/13
Finnarrow Berthing Trails at Dublin Port Berth 51 - January 17, 2013Tony Brennan17/01/13
Stena Line at Belfast - November 20 / 21, 2012Adrian Sweeney24/11/12
Stena Lagan - Outbound in Crosby Channel - September 29, 2012John H. Luxton30/09/12
Stena Mersey at Crosby Bend - September 22, 2012John H. Luxton22/09/12
Stena Mersey - Evening Arrival - September 13, 2012John H. Luxton14/09/12
Stena Mersey - Belfast Bound - September 08, 2012John H. Luxton08/09/12
Stena Caledonia on Sea Trials in Belfast Lough - May 27, 2012Pete Hodson28/05/12
Stena Lagan Departs for Belfast - April 21, 2012John H. Luxton21/04/12
Stena Line at Belfast - April 06, 2012John H. Luxton13/04/12
Stena Mersey Arrives at Twelve Quays - April 05, 2012John H. Luxton13/04/12
Stena Mersey at Twelve Quays - March 17, 2012Kevin Bennett25/03/12
Stena Superfasts on The Irish Sea - March 2012Adrian Sweeney17/01/12
Stena Mersey - New Livery Debut on the Mersey - March 15, 2012Robert Foy15/03/12
Stena Feronia Departs for Belfast - January 25, 2012John H. Luxton28/01/12
Stena Superfast North Channel - February 21, 2012Adrian Sweeney28/01/12
Stena Feronia - An Old Viking Returns to Twelve Quays - February 17, 2012I. Collard & J. Luxton17/02/12
Stena Antarctica Departs from Tranmere - January 28, 2012John H. Luxton28/01/12
Stena Mersey Departs Twelve Quays- January 15, 2012Robert Foy15/01/12
Stena Scotia Approaches Cammell Laird - August 27, 2011Kevin Bennett03/09/11
Stena Britannica Departs from Harwich - August 17, 2011John H. Luxton26/08/11
Stena Freighter Departs Harwich - August 17, 2011John H. Luxton26/08/11
Stena Nordica Departs Berth 51 - August 12, 2011John H. Luxton23/08/11
Stena Nordica at Holyhead - August 11, 2011John H. Luxton21/08/11
HSS Stena Explorer Arrives at Holyhead - August 11, 2011John H. Luxton21/08/11
Stena Adventurer Arrives at Holyhead - August 11, 2011John H. Luxton21/08/11
Stena Adventurer Arrives at Cammell Laird - June 10, 2011Ian Collard12/06/11
Stena Lynx III Departs from Cammell Laird - June 04, 2011John H. Luxton05/06/11
Hibernia Seaways at Twelve Quays - May 28, 2011John H. Luxton28/05/11
Mersey Seaways Outbound - Lagan Seaways Inbound - May 21, 2011John H. Luxton22/05/11
Mersey Seaways Approaches Twelve Quays - March 30, 2011Kevin Bennett14/04/11
Lagan Seaways Departs Twelve Quays - April 02, 2011John H. Luxton03/04/11
Lagan Seaways - Stena Funnel Markings Almost Complete - March 18, 2011Adrian Sweeney26/03/11
Stena Seafarer Departs Larne - November 30, 2009Ciarán Buckley05/12/09
Stena Leader Departs Fleetwood - November 08, 2009John Williamson08/11/09
Stena Seafarer at Larne - October 27, 2009Adrian Sweeney01/11/09
HSS Discovery Awaits Departure for Venezuela - September 27, 2009Ciarán Buckley28/09/09
Seafrance Manet (Stena Navigator) Arrives At BelfastGordon Hislip28/09/09
HSS Stena Explorer Arrives at Holyhead - August 31, 2009Michael Clarke06/09/09
Stena Ships at Belfast - July 25, 2009Tom McPherson31/07/09
Stena Adventurer Departs from Holyhead - July 23, 2009Ian Collard24/07/09
Stena Pioneer at Fleetwood - June 20, 2009Kevin Bennett24/06/09

Stena Leader at Fleetwood - June 20, 2009

Kevin Bennett24/06/09
Stena Leader at Larne - June 14, 2009Mark Ervine17/06/09
Stena Adventurer: A Look at the New Fleet Name Logo - March 21, 2009John H. Luxton21/03/09
Stena Caledonia Departs from Cammell Laird #7 Dry Dock - February 14, 2009J.H.L. & H.C.14/02/09
Stena Caledonia Bound for Refit at Cammell Laird - January 27, 2009Ian Collard28/01/09
Stena Pioneer Arrives for Refit - January 12, 2009Ian Collard12/01/09
Stena Discovery at Belfast - October 2008Mark Ervine26/10/08
Stena Lynx III Lays Up at Dublin - October 2008Tony Brennan05/10/08
Stena Britannica Departs Parkeston Quay, Harwich - August 14, 2008John H. Luxton20/08/08
Stena Transporter Outbound From Harwich - August 14, 2008John H. Luxton20/08/08
Stena Pioneer Arrives at Fleetwood - July 20, 2008Kevin Bennett06/08/08
Stena Caledonia Arrives and Departs from Heysham - Jun 08, 2008Kevin Bennett12/06/08
Stena Caledonia At Douglas - May 31, 2008Adrian Sweeney01/06/08
Stena Adventurer - Dublin Departure - May 29, 2008John H. Luxton31/05/08
Stena Lynx III - Winter Hibernation Over - April 11, 2008Ian Collard13/04/08
Stena Europe - Refit Complete - February 11, 2008Ian Collard13/02/08
Stena Pioneer Departs from Langton Lock - January 29, 2008Ian Collard29/01/08
Stena Nordica - An Ambassador Returns to DublinTony Brennan10/01/08
HSS Stena Discovery and HSS Stena Voyager at Belfast - October 15, 2007Paul O' Donnell18/10/07
Stena Adventurer - Refit Complete - October 2007"R"14/10/07
Stena Lynx III Arrives at Birkenhead for Winter Lay-Up - September 27, 2007Kevin Bennett08/10/07
HSS Stena Explorer Departs Dún Laoghaire - August 29, 2007John H. Luxton02/09/07
Stena Seafarer Departs Cammell Laird - August 17, 2007John H. Luxton19/08/07
Stena Seafarer Arrives on Merseyside for Refit - July 21, 2007Ian Collard22/07/07
Stena Caledonia - Evening Departure from Belfast - June 23, 2007John H. Luxton24/06/07
HSS Stena Discovery - Tomorrow Does Not Belong to Me - June 23, 2007John H. Luxton24/06/07
HSS Stena Explorer Arrives at Dún Laoghaire - June 23, 2007John H. Luxton24/06/07
Stena Adventurer Departs for Holyhead - June 23, 2007John H. Luxton24/06/07
Stena Caledonia - First Visit to Douglas - June 02, 2007A.B. & A.S.02/06/07
Stena Lynx III Departs Birkenhead - April 15, 2007Kevin Bennett02/05/07
Stena Sirita Departs from Tranmere - April 07, 2007John H. Luxton08/04/07
HSS Stena Discovery at Belfast - January 2007Phil Alderson27/01/07
Stena Seafarer Prowls Laxey Bay - January 11, 2007Jenny Williamson13/01/07
Stena Pioneer Arrives on Merseyside - January 09, 2007Ian Collard13/01/07
Stena Seatrader Departs - January 09, 2007Ian Collard13/01/07
HSS Stena Discovery - The Last Voyage - January 08, 2007Rob Philips13/01/07
Stena Seatrader - From Number 7 to Wet Basin - January 06, 2007John H. Luxton06/01/07

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