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Seatruck Ferries

Seatruck Power at Langton River Entrance - April 26, 2014John H. Luxton27/04/14
Seatruck Power at Dublin - August 29, 2013John H. Luxton29/08/13
Seatruck Power Arrives at Langton Lock - April 20, 2013John H. Luxton20/04/13
Clipper Pennant at Bidston Dry Dock - March 18, 2013Robert Foy23/03/13
Seatruck Pace - Wind Turbine Delivery to Mostyn - February 15, 2013John Thomas21/02/13
Arrow Arrives at Alfred Lock - September 15, 2012John H. Luxton15/09/12
Seatruck Power Arrives at Langton Lock - September 08, 2012John H. Luxton08/09/12
Seatruck Performance Arrives at Liverpool Prior to Stena Charter - August 26, 2012Ian Collard27/08/12
Clipper Pennant in West Float- July 20, 2012Kevin Bennett23/08/12
Seatruck Progress - Cammell Laird Bound - July 11, 2012Ian Collard15/07/12
Seatruck Precision - Delivery Voyage Completed - July 08, 2012John H. Luxton08/07/12
Seatruck Performance - Heysham Departure - May 06, 2012Sam Rollinson11/05/12
Clipper Pennant Arrives at Twelve Quays - March 27, 2012Kevin Bennett12/04/12
Seatruck Precision Launched for Summer Irish Sea Debut - March 23, 2012Seatruck Ferries26/03/12
Clipper Pace Arrives at Cammell Laird - February 25, 2012John H. Luxton25/02/12
Clipper Pennant Departs For Heysham - February 24, 2012Ian Collard25/02/12
Seatruck Power Departs on Maiden Voyage to Dublin - February 14, 2012Sam Rollinson17/02/12
Seatruck Panorama Departs Heysham - January 01, 2012Sam Rollinson17/02/12
A Visit to Seatruck Progress - January 29, 2012John H. Luxton29/01/12
Seatruck Progress at DublinSeatruck Ferries14/01/12
Seatruck Progress Passes Clipper Point on the Mersey - December 22, 2011Ian Collard22/12/11
Seatruck Progress - Maiden Departure for Dublin - December 20, 2011Ian Collard20/12/11
Clipper Panorama at Cammell Laird - December 10, 2011John H. Luxton10/12/11
“Seatruck Power” … Ahead on the Irish Sea - October 28, 2011Seatruck Ferries01/11/11
Clipper Pace Arrives at Langton Lock - May 21, 2011John H. Luxton22/05/11
Clipper Pace on the Prowl - 10 May 2011Ian Collard12/05/11
Clipper Pace in Queen's Channel - April 09, 2011John H. Luxton10/04/11
Clipper Ranger Arrives at Cammell Laird - March 11, 2011Adrian Sweeney13/03/11
Farewell Moondance - November 11, 2009Ian Collard08/11/09
Laid Up Seatruck Ships at Huskisson Dock - October 18, 2009David Brown20/10/09
Clipper Pennant Awaits Service at Alexandra Dock - October 10, 2009Harry Cragall10/10/09
Clipper Pennant Makes Her Mersey Debut - September 22, 2009Ian Collard22/09/09
Clipper Pace in Crosby Channel - August 22, 2009John H. Luxton22/08/09
Clipper Point - Warrenpoint Bound - June 20, 2009Kevin Bennett24/06/09
Arrow Arrives for Lay-up - June 16, 2009Ian Collard21/06/09

Clipper Panorama Arrives at Warrenpoint, June 09, 2009

Jerome Rafferty17/06/09
Moondance Returns to the Mersey - May 11, 2009Ian Collard14/05/09
Clipper Point Departs from Alfred Lock, Birkenhead, May 09, 2009John H. Luxton09/05/09
Clipper Point Arrives at Birkenhead - April 23, 2009K.B. & I.C.25/04/09
Clipper Racer Departs for Barcelona - April 14, 2009Ian Collard19/04/09
Clipper Panorama Arrives on the Mersey - April 14, 2009Ian Collard19/04/09
Clipper Pace: Morning Sailing to Liverpool - March 21, 2009John H. Luxton22/03/09
Clipper Pace Makes Her Mersey Debut - March 01, 2009Ian Collard01/03/09
Moondance Returns as Fredericia - Moss Service Ends - February 25, 2009Ian Collard25/02/09
Clipper Ranger In - Clipper Racer Out - November 30, 2008John H. Luxton30/11/08
Clipper Point Visits Liverpool For Berthing Trials - November 17, 2008Ian Collard20/11/08
Refit Over - Arrow Departs from the Mersey - September 13, 2008John H. Luxton13/09/08
Moondance Awaits Repairs at Brocklebank Dock - August 09, 2008John H. Luxton19/08/08
Riverdance - July 02, 2008Kevin Bennett02/07/08
Challenge at Brocklebank Dock Terminal - June 21, 2008John H. Luxton22/06/08
Arrow Arrives at Heysham - June 08, 2008Kevin Bennett13/06/08
Clipper Point Departs from Heysham - June 08, 2008Kevin Bennett13/06/08
Riverdance - Demolition Progresses - June 07, 2008Kevin Bennett12/06/08
Clipper Point Sails Down Carlingford Lough - May 24, 2008John H. Luxton24/05/08
West Express Arrives - May 21, 2008Ian Collard21/05/08
Clipper Point Visits LiverpoolHarry Cragall20/05/08
Clipper Point Arrives on the Mersey - May 17, 2008Ian Collard17/05/08
Riverdance - Hancocks Begin Work - May 10, 2008Bernard Corbett12/05/08
Celtic Star - Inbound For Liverpool - April 12, 2008John H. Luxton13/04/08
Challenge and Celtic Star Pass off The Rock - March 30, 2008Ian Collard31/03/08
Triumph Arrives in Douglas for IoMSPCo Charter - March 29, 2008Jenny Williamson29/03/08
Clipper Point - First Arrival at Warrenpoint - March 23, 2008Trevor Kidd29/03/08
Clipper Point Makes Her Debut at Heysham - March 22, 2008Martin Edmondson27/03/08
Riverdance - Tanks Attached - March 09, 2008Sara Cass09/03/08
Riverdance - A Visit to Cleveleys - March 01, 2008Mike Edmondson02/03/08
Riverdance On Her Side - February 24, 2008Dave Worth24/02/08
Triumph - A Recent Seatruck Addition Arrives at Portsmouth - February 20, 2008Barry Rodgers22/02/08
Challenge Runs Down In Langton Lock - February 09, 2008John H. Luxton16/02/08
Crane Lowers Salvage Crew on To Riverdance - February 05, 2008Dave Worth07/02/08
Riverdance - Photographs and CommentaryDave Worth03/02/08
Riverdance - The Smit Salvage Team Drop In - February 02, 2008Ian Collard02/02/08
Riverdance Aground at Cleveleys - February 01, 2008David Fairclough02/02/08
Riverdance Visits Douglas - May 26, 2007John H. Luxton29/06/07

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