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Peter Döhle-Mezeron - Kurkse Provides the Final Week's Service

Photographs © Jenny Williamson  & John H. Luxton 2011

KURKSE at Douglas on February 14 (above and left). On February 16 right and departing Douglas on February 17 below.

The provision of alternative scheduled freight services between Liverpool and Douglas by operated by the "K" Ships KALANA and KURKSE chartered by Peter Döhle-Mezeron providing services for Graylaw Freight had been welcomed by many as it added additional ships to the Manx and Mersey shipping scene and provided some healthy competition to the existing facilities provided by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.  Of course the new service did not please everyone and noises were made by the Steam Packet and Seafarers Unions about unfair competition and the undermining of the Steam Packet freight service. However, during February 2011 it was announced that the the "K" ships service was to end on February 19, 2011 as the company had not met its targets for volume traffic growth.  During the final week of operation KALANA remained in Liverpool whilst KURKSE provided a one ship service. Perhaps the service might have been more successful if it had been operated by one ship? KURKSE appeared to be able to do a complete round trip between Liverpool Seaforth Container Terminal and Douglas Harbour comfortably within 24 hours..


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