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Steam Packet Life After SeaCo

Photographs  Alex McCormac 2003 - 2006

Presented below are a selection of photographs from Alex McCormac taken since the sale of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company by Sea Containers in Summer 2003. This collection highlights some of the key events in the life of the company over a period of two and a half years or so. One thing is for certain there has been much worth recording in this short period of time.
October 10, 2003 BEN-MY-CHREE arrives at DouglasHOBURGEN departs Douglas February 02, 2004BEN returns from refit February 07, 2004.Three vessels in the Bay February 08, 2004.
February 22, 2004 Lady of Mann departs Douglas at the end of the 03/04 winter service.BEN arrives into Douglas during a gale March 11, 2004.SEACAT ISLE OF MAN arrives in Douglas March 29, 2004.LADY OF MANN "Round The Island" cruise May 28, 2004.RAPIDE arrives from Belfast June 03, 2004.
RAPIDE passes SSC2 on departure for Belfast (south about)SEACAT ISLE OF MAN arrives during an easterly gale August 18, 2004.SSC2 Covers for SCIOM during a dry docking August 24, 2004.The fleet stormbound in Douglas during gales September 09, 2004.The BEN imposes on arrival at Douglas October 08, 2004.
BEN rides the waves in bound to Douglas on October 21, 2004BEN rolls in the Bay after leaving the harbour for a second docking attempt. October 21, 2004.LADY OF MANN arrives at Douglas from Liverpool during Irish Bank Holiday Weekend. October 23, 2004LADY OF MANN departs Douglas on a wonderful winter afternoon. December 19, 2004. The LADY OF MANN's last ever stern departure into the teeth of a gale? January 09, 2005.
BEN undergoes maintenance in Douglas - February 05, 2005BEN and LADY together in harbour on a crisp evening February 15, 2005.P&O Express arrives for docking trials March 13, 2005.SUPERSEACAT TWO and LADY OF MANN together - March 17, 2005.BEN-MY-CHREE rests on the Victoria Pier. April 04, 2005.
SSC2 passes the BEN-MY-CHREE - May 21, 2005.LADY OF MANN returns home from Troon for the last time. May 21, 2005.Bows in Douglas - May 23, 2005.RIVER LUNE provides extra capacity during TT. June 02, 2005.SEA EXPRESS I returns home - June 08, 2005.


BEN-MY-CHREE first RTI departing Port Erin Bay July 23, 2005. MOONDANCE provides cover for the BEN-MY-CHREE during dry docking

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