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Isle of Man Steam Packet Company  


2005 Photographs - Photographs of the Company's 175th Anniversary  [click here]
Manannan - August 10, 2014John H. Luxton10/08/14 
Twenty Years of Isle of Man Steam Packet Fast Craft - 1994 - 2014John H. Luxton06/07/14 
Isle of Man Steam Packet Fleet Douglas June 17, 2014Jenny Williamson19/06/14 
Arrow Alongside Victoria Pier Douglas - May 14, 2014John H. Luxton15/06/14 
Manannan - First Day of the 2014 Season - March 28, 2014S. Sims & P. Challis30/03/14 
Ben-My-Chree - St. David's Day Arrival - March 01, 2014John H. Luxton01/03/14 
Manannan Refits in Cammell Laird #5 Dry Dock - February 19, 2014Peter Challis21/02/14 
Manannan Prepares for an Unexpected Winter Outing - January 11, 2014John H. Luxton11/01/14 
Manannan - Anchor Down in Alexandra Dock - December 24, 2013John H. Luxton24/12/13 
Ben-My-Chree Joins Stena Hibernia at Twelve Quays - November 30, 2013J.H. Luxton & P. Challis30/11/13 
Ben-My-Chree Passes HS Beethoven and New Brighton - November 23, 2013John H. Luxton23/11/13 
Ben-My-Chree: First Mersey Visit of the 2013/14 Winter Season - November 09, 2013Simon W. Sims10/11/13 
Manannan Fire Exercise at Liverpool - October 19, 2013Peter Challis26/10/13 
Manannan Rests at Victoria Pier - September 14, 2013John H. Luxton15/09/13 
Manannan Rests at Victoria Pier - August 16, 2013John H. Luxton21/08/13 
Manannan at Speed off Crosby - April 07, 2013C.J. Lawrenson08/04/13 
Manannan Emerges From Hibernation - March 13, 2013Peter Challis13/03/13 
Ben My Chree Arrival - Viewed from the Victoria Pier - February 19, 2013John H. Luxton21/02/13 
Ben My Chree Departure - Viewed from the Victoria Pier - February 19, 2013John H. Luxton21/02/13 
Ben My Chree - Winter Morning Departure - February 18, 2013John H. Luxton21/02/13 
Manannan in Hibernation - January 04, 2013John H. Luxton04/01/13 
Manannan & Linkspan Pontoon Head for Cammell Laird - December 05, 2012Adrian Sweeney05/12/12 
Ben-My-Chree on the Mersey - November 17, 2012John H. Luxton17/11/12 
Ben-My-Chree - First Birkenhead Arrival of the Winter Season - November 11, 2012Simon W. Sims11/11/12 
Manannan At Speed in Crosby Channel - October 13, 2012John H. Luxton14/10/12 
Manannan Rests at Liverpool - October 06, 2012John H. Luxton06/10/12 
Manannan Arrives at Douglas - August 18, 2012John H. Luxton20/08/12 
Isle of Man Steam Packet Douglas Movements - June 09, 2012Kevin Bennett01/07/12 
Manannan - Handles Down at the Rock - May 12, 2012John H. Luxton13/05/12 
Ben-My-Chree Departs Cammell Laird - May 05, 2012John H. Luxton06/05/12 
Manannan Turnaround - Closely Watched at Liverpool - April 05, 2012John H. Luxton12/04/12 
Manannan Rests Between Sailings At Douglas - March 31, 2012John H. Luxton31/03/12 
Manannan at Liverpool - March 24, 2012John H. Luxton24/03/12 
Manannan - First Liverpool Arrival of the 2012 Season - March 23, 2012Simon Sims24/03/12 
Manannan Makes Her 2012 Season Debut - March 13, 2012Robert Foy14/03/12 
Manannan Transfers to Cammell Laird for Refit - February 11, 2012J.H.L. & R.F.11/02/12 
Ben-My-Chree - Christmas Eve Arrival at Birkenhead - December 24, 2011John H. Luxton24/12/11 
Ben-My-Chree and Manannan Together on the Mersey - December 11, 2011Ian Collard01/12/11 
Ben-My-Chree - First Winter Season Arrival at Twelve Quays - November 05, 2011Simon Sims & J. Luxton05/11/11 
Manannan Arrives at Liverpool - September 03, 2011Adrian Sweeney03/09/11 
Manannan - three engines on our Incat - again! - July 28, 2011John H. Luxton29/07/11 
Snaefell Sails into the Sunset Bound for Greece - June 29, 2011Ian Collard01/07/11 
Ben-My-Chree departs from the Mersey- June 20, 2011Adrian Sweeney23/06/11 
Ben-My-Chree - Summer Visit to Twelve Quays - June 18, 2011John H. Luxton18/06/11 
Manannan - Low Water Arrival at Liverpool - May 21, 2011John H. Luxton21/05/11 
Snaefell and Manannan Transfer from Cammell Laird #5 to Wet Basin - March 12, 2011John H. Luxton13/03/11 
Ben-My-Chree Displays her Heysham "Ding" at Twelve Quays - February 12, 2011John H. Luxton12/02/11 
Mona's Queen Anchor Arrives at Cammell Laird - January 31, 2011Adrian Sweeney03/02/11 
Ben-My-Chree Limps in to Twelve Quays - January 22, 2011John H. Luxton22/01/11 
Ben-My-Chree Arrives at Twelve Quays South - January 15, 2011John H. Luxton15/01/11 
Ben-My-Chree Arrival Viewed from Monk's Ferry - January 08, 2011John H. Luxton08/01/11 
Steam Packet Fast Craft Winter Hibernation at Alexandra Dock, December 02, 2010Adrian Sweeney04/12/10 
Ben-My-Chree: First Twelve Quays Arrival of the 2010-2011 Winter Season - November 06, 2011John H. Luxton06/11/10 
Manannan At Liverpool Bar - September 25, 2010Jenny Williamson01/10/10 
Snaefell at Speed in The Irish Sea - Seen from Manannan - September 04, 2010John H. Luxton27/08/10 
Snaefell rests at Victoria Pier - August 25, 2010John H. Luxton27/08/10 
Ben-My-Chree - Unexpected Meet With Manannan - August 24, 2010John H. Luxton27/08/10 
Manannan - A Late Arrival In Douglas - August 24, 2010John H. Luxton27/08/10 
Ben-My-Chree Arrives at Twelve QuaysJohn H. Luxton28/11/09 
Snaefell Arrives for Winter Lay Up - October 31, 2009Ian Collard01/11/09 
Manannan Repositions on Victoria Pier - September 12, 2009John H. Luxton12/09/09 
Manannan RTI 2 - July 29, 2009 - A Photographic RecordJ.D. & J.H.L.19/08/09 
Manannan Bridge Visit - August, 2009James Darling19/08/09 
Manannan Departs Douglas - August 03, 2009James Darling19/08/09 
Ben-My-Chree Bridge Visit - July 2009James Darling19/08/09 
Snaefell Arrives at Fleetwood - August 18, 2009Richard Jamieson18/08/09 

Manannan Departs Liverpool - A High Level View - August 07, 2009

John H. Luxton09/08/09 

Ben-My-Chree Arrives at Douglas - July 30, 2009

John H. Luxton02/08/09 
The IoMSPCo Fleet at Douglas - and Snaefell at Peel - July 25, 2009Tom McPherson31/07/09 
In the Wake of The Lady - Viking Departs for the Azores - July 22, 2009John H. Luxton22/07/09 
Snaefell - Evening Arrival at Fleetwood - June 20, 2009Anne Brooke12/07/09 
Viking at Gladstone Dock For Side Loading Conversion - July 04, 2009Harry Cragall04/07/09 

Viking Becomes a Side Loader - June 27, 2009

John H. Luxton27/06/09 
Ben-My-Chree At Douglas - June 20, 2009Kevin Bennett24/06/09 
Manannan Arrives and Departs from Douglas - June 20, 2009Kevin Bennett24/06/09 
Snaefell Arrives at Fleetwood - June 20, 2009Kevin Bennett24/06/09 

Snaefell Departs from Liverpool - June 02, 2006

Kevin Bennett21/06/09 

Isle of Man Steam Packet Fast Craft Movements at Douglas May 28, 2009

Kevin Bennett31/05/09 
Manannan - Maiden Service Voyage - May 22, 2009J.&J. W., I.C. & S.C.22/05/09 
Manannan - Berthing Trials at Dublin - May 17, 2009Tony Brennan17/05/09 
Manannan - Second Trial Visit to Liverpool - May 15, 2009Ian Collard15/05/09 
Manannan - First Visit to the Mersey - The Definitive Collection - May 13, 2009Kevin Bennett15/05/09 
Manannan - First Visit to Liverpool - May 13, 2009various13/05/09 

Manannan MES Exercise at Douglas Harbour - May 12, 2009

B.C. & J.W.12/05/09 
Manannan - Debut At Douglas - May 11, 2009J.&J. Williamson11/05/09 
Manannan on Trials at Portsmouth - May 01, 2009M. Taplin / G. Davies01/05/09 

Snaefell Passes The Rock: The 2009 Fastcraft Season Begins

Ian Collard27/03/09 
Snaefell Undertakes Berthing Trial at Liverpool - March 24, 2009Kevin Bennett26/03/09 
Ben-My-Chree: Last Winter Season Arrival at Twelve Quays - March 22, 2009Kevin Bennett26/03/09 
Snaefell Departs from Cammell Laird #5 Dry Dock - February 01, 2009John H. Luxton01/02/09 
Viking - The Last Service Departure from Douglas? - January 12, 2009Jenny Williamson12/01/09 
Viking Returns - January 08, 2009Ian Collard08/01/09 

Ben-My-Chree - A Welcome Return to the Mersey - November 08, 2008

John H. Luxton08/11/08 
Snaefell - First Fast Craft Sailing to Peel - August 13, 2008Alex Mc. Cormac20/08/08 
Snaefell Visits Fleetwood - July 30, 2008D.W & J.L.31/07/08 
About Turn - Viking at the Repositioned Liverpool Link Span - July 26, 2008John H. Luxton26/07/08 
Incat 50 - Views From The Voyage HomeIan Collard26/07/08 
Viking Arrives at Douglas - A Low Level View - July 12, 2008John H. Luxton15/07/08 
Snaefell: The Steam Packet Returns To Fleetwood - July 02, 2008Jenny Williamson03/07/08 
Snaefell Whitehaven Excursion - June 18, 2008Jenny Williamson23/06/08 
Snaefell Returns from Belfast - June 14, 2008John H. Luxton14/06/08 
Viking Arrives and Departs From Heysham #3 Linkspan - June 08, 2008Kevin Bennett13/06/08 
Ben-My-Chree Arrives and Departs from Douglas - June 08, 2008Kevin Bennett13/06/08 
Express Calls at Douglas for the Fairground - June 09, 2008Jenny Williamson11/06/08 
Viking Returns The TT Bikers - June 06, 2008John H. Luxton06/06/08 
Heysham IoMSPCo TT Movements - May 31, 2008Dave Worth31/05/08 
TT Charter Ship Merchant Brilliant In Douglas Bay - May 29, 2008Jenny Williamson31/05/08 
Snaefell - First Public Sailing Departs Douglas - May 12, 2008Jenny Williamson12/05/08 
Snaefell Departs from Alexandra Dock - May 11, 2008Harry Cragall11/05/08 
Viking Departs for Liverpool - May 03, 2008John Luxton05/05/08 
Viking Arrives - View from the Cruise Ship Stage - April 24, 2008Kevin Bennet27/04/08 
Snaefell Departs For Douglas - April 24, 2008Kevin Bennet27/04/08 
Snaefell Awakes - April 23, 2008Kevin Bennet27/04/08 
Viking Arrives at Liverpool - April 23, 2008Kevin Bennett27/04/08 
Snaefell - The Cat With Nine Lives Returns - April 23, 2008Ian Collard23/04/08 
Ben-My-Chree Arrives at Heysham - April 20, 2008David Fairclough23/04/08 
Ben-My-Chree at Douglas - April 19, 2008John H. Luxton20/04/08 
Viking Berths at Edward Pier - April 19, 2008John H. Luxton20/04/08 
A New Look Ben-My-Chree Sails into Douglas - April 14, 2008John Williamson15/04/08 
Ben-My-Chree - a Sneak Preview of Her New Look - April 13, 2008Ian Collard13/04/08 
Snaefell Waits at Bidston - April 12, 2008David Fairclough13/04/08 
Viking at Victoria Pier - April 12, 2008John H. Luxton13/04/08 
Ben-My-Chree Banishes the Blues at Cammell Laird - April 05, 2008Ian Collard06/04/08 
Viking Shows Her Colours at The Pier Head - March 08, 2008John H. Luxton09/03/08 
Viking Returns Traditional Colours to Douglas Harbour - February 28, 2008Ollie Last29/02/08 
Viking Departs Langton Lock Bound for Douglas - February 28, 2008Ian Collard28/02/08 
Viking - A Welcome New Look for "Bagpuss" - February 12, 2008I.C. & A.S.13/02/08 
Snaefell Moves Back to Birkenhead Docks from Cammell Laird - January 28, 2008Ian Collard28/01/08 
SuperSeaCat Two Bound For Cammell Laird - January 28, 2008Ian Collard28/01/08 
Snaefell - Transfers from NSL Bidston to Cammell Laird - January 16, 2008Kevin Bennett23/01/08 
Snaefell - Refit Continues at Cammell Laird #5 Dry Dock - January 20, 2008Ian Collard20/01/08 
Snaefell - a New Look for an Old Friend - December 22, 2007John H. Luxton06/01/08 
Smit Collingwood Assists Ben-My-Chree Depart Twelve Quays - November 18, 2007Ian Collard19/11/07 
Ben-My-Chree Returns to the Mersey - November 10, 2007I.C. & J.H.L.10/11/07 
Sea Express I From Cammell Laird to West Float -September 24, 2007Kevin Bennett08/10/07 
Steam Packet Movements at Prince's Stage - September 04, 2007Jenny Williamson09/09/07 
Emeraude France at Whitehaven - August 08, 2007Kevin Bennett12/08/07 
Sea Express I in Cammell Laird #5 Dry Dock - August 04, 2007John H. Luxton04/08/07 
Emeraude France Loads At Edward Pier - July 15, 2007John H. Luxton16/07/07 
Ben-My-Chree off the "Sunset City" - July 14, 2007Guy Pescodd16/07/07 
Sea Express 1 in Cammell Laird #5 Dry Dock - July 11, 2007Ian Collard11/07/07 
SuperSeaCat Two at Speed in Queen's Channel  - July 08, 2007Ian Collard11/07/07 
Douglas Harbour at 05:30 - July 08, 2007Ian Collard18/06/06 
Emeraude France in Laxey Bay - Tynwald Day RTI Cruise - July 05, 2007Jenny Williamson08/07/07 
Sea Express I - Preparing for a move to dry dock - July 02, 2007Ian Collard02/07/07 
Emeraude France Arrives at Dublin - June 29, 2007Tony Brennan01/07/07 
Alex McCormac's TT 2007 Steam Packet Photo DiaryAlex Mc. Cormac14/06/07 
Emeraude France - Early Morning at Dublin, June 06, 2007"R"07/06/07 
Emeraude France Loads the TT Fans at Liverpool - May 31, 2007John H. Luxton03/06/07 
Ben-My-Chree at the New Heysham Link Span - May 26, 2007John H. Luxton30/05/07 
Steam Packet Douglas Departures and Arrivals - May 28, 2007John H. Luxton30/05/07 
Emeraude France Arrives and Departs - May 26, 2007John H. Luxton30/05/07 
TT Charter Ship Hoburgen arrives - May 28, 2007J.W. & A.B.29/05/07 
TT Charter Ship Phocine Arrives at Douglas - May 27, 2007J.H.L., J.W. & A.B.29/05/07 
The Lame Cat Limps In after a Long Crossing - May 19, 2007John H. Luxton20/05/07 
Emeraude France Emerges From Cammell Laird - May 19, 2007John H. Luxton20/05/07 
Sea Express I Collision Damage Temporary Repairs in Close Ups - April 22, 2007John H. Luxton22/04/07 
Emeraude France Crosses the River to Cammell Laird - April 19, 2007Ian Collard20/04/07 
Sea Express I Moved to West Float - April 19, 2007Ian Collard20/04/07 
Emeraude France Out and About on the Mersey - April 18, 2007Ian Collard18/04/07 
Sea Express I on an Even Keel - April 09, 2007Ian Collard09/04/07 
Emeraude France Arrives on Merseyside - April 03, 2007I.C. & J.H.L.04/04/07 
Emeraude France Arrives in Douglas - March 29, 2007Alex McCormac31/03/07 
Ben-My-Chree Last Twelve Quays Arrival for 2007? - March 18, 2007John H. Luxton18/03/07 
The Cat's Out -  SuperSeaCat Two on the Mersey - March 16, 2007Ian Collard16/03/07 
Ben-My-Chree Arrives and Departs from Twelve Quays - Saturday March 10, 2007John H. Luxton10/03/07 
Ben-My-Chree at Twelve Quays - The View from Liverpool - March 04, 2007C.J. Lawrenson05/03/07 
Ben-My-Chree - Gale Force Return to Twelve Quays - March 04, 2007John H. Luxton05/03/07 
Ben-My-Chree - First Steam Packet Scheduled Sailing to Birkenhead - March 03, 2007I.C, M.E. SC. & J.L.04/03/07 
Sea Express I in The Wet Basin - February 21, 2007Ian Collard21/02/07 
Ben-My-Chree Departs Douglas - February 10, 2007Jenny Williamson10/02/07 
Sea Express I - Towed to Cammell Laird - February 05, 2007Ian Collard05/02/07 
Sea Express I - The Day After - February 04, 2007J.H.L. & I.C.04/02/07 
Sea Express I - A Day To Remember - February 03, 2007D.F. J.H.L. & I.C.03/02/07 
Ben-My-Chree Arrives at Lairds - January 27, 2007J.H.L. & A.K.27/01/07 
Sea Express I - First Liverpool Saturday Arrival In Five Weeks!John H. Luxton09/12/06 
Ben-My-Chree Departs for Heysham - September 23, 2006Kevin Bennett04/10/06 
Sea Express I Douglas Departure and Arrival - September 23, 2006Kevin Bennett04/10/06 
Sea Express I - Arrives At Douglas - September 22, 2006Carl Lawrenson24/09/06 
SuperSickCat Two Heads for The Birkenhead Cattery - September 11, 2006Ian Collard17/09/06 
Sea Express I - First Day Back in Service - September 11, 2006Ian Collard11/09/06 
Steam Packet Movements - Douglas - September 09, 2006Alex McCormac10/09/06 
Sea Express I Mersey Manoeuvres, September 09, 2006Carl Lawrenson10/09/06 
Incat To The Rescue - Sea Express I Leaves Dry Dock - September 09, 2006J.H.L. & I.C.10/09/06 
Sea Express I in dry dock - August 2006Ian Collard01/09/06 
SuperSeaCat Two with Tug Assistance at Prince's Stage - July 07, 2006Ian Collard07/07/06 
Diamant is Not Forever - But It Was Good Whilst It Lasted!Kevin Bennett21/06/06 
Douglas TT Movements - June 09 & 10, 2006John H. Luxton10/06/06 
Diamant Arrives on MerseysideC.J. Lawrenson25/05/06 
Ben-My-Chree Bounces Into DouglasAlex Mc.Cormac21/05/06 
Repairing the Ben's Bent BridgeKevin Bennett03/05/06 
Farewell Pontus - April 20, 2006Ian Collard23/04/06 
Sea Express I - Back to the Reserve Fleet - April 14, 2006Ian Collard23/04/06 
Operation Cat Swap John H. Luxton02/04/06 
CFF Seine Departs for Heysham - March 28, 2006Alex McCormac02/04/06 
SuperSeaCat Two Arrives at Douglas - March 28, 2006Alex McCormac02/04/06 
Ben and the Bent Bridges at Birkenhead - March 2006JHL & IC25/03/06 
The Steam Packet Fleet Gather in Douglas - March 14, 2006Alex McCormac15/03/06 
SuperSeaCat Two Debuts for the 2006 Season - March 13, 2006Ian Collard15/03/06 
Sea Express I - Up Close and PersonalJohn H. Luxton11/03/06 
Sea Express I Arrives - March 04, 2006John H. Luxton05/03/06 
Steam Packet - Life After SeaCoAlex Mc.Cormac28/01/06 
Sea Express I - Departs for Liverpool - January 22, 2006Alex Mc.Cormac25/01/06 
Sea Express I - First January arrival at LiverpoolJohn H. Luxton14/01/06 

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