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Boudicca: Irish Sea and River Mersey

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2014

After an overnight sail up the Irish Sea I awoke somewhere off Bardsey Island around 07:50
Off north west Wales.Neptune Bar scene of the previous night's entertainment which according to comments from other passengers was very good. But I was happy to peruse the lights of the Bristol Channel, have a quiet drink!
The fine builders model of Fred Olsen Lines' NORWAY [1] at the entrance area to the Neptune Lounge which I don't recall seeing in there last August when last on board. Orginally built in 1891 by the Grangemouth Dockyhard Company for the Faerder Steamship Company for service on the North Sea she was sold to Fred Olsen in 1901 and sold on for further service to Eadie of Glasgow in 1909,  Luke Thomas of Vancouver in 1916 ending her days with Cowasjee, Dinshaw & Brothers of Aden and Bombay until her loss in 1923.
The new grill area. The tables were laid for breakfast but no one came to serve at th advertised time of 09:00. I didn't return at lunch time to see if lunch was being served as the area was crowded with people using the swimming pool. Does one want to dine in such close proximity to a busy swimming pool? For evening "fine dining" there a supplement is payable.
More maintainance in progress.
Passing the Skerries at 10:00
Hoisting the UK Courtesy Flag at 13:00
Unlocking the anchorsPV KITTIWAKE approaches the Bar pilot station.
The pilot is delivered on board. After delivering the pilot to BOUDICCA PV KITTIWAKE headed off to the outbound STOLT KITTIWAKE to disembark her pilot.
Heading up Crosby Channel BOUDICCA passed a number of outbound vessels before the final run up to the Liverpool Cruise Terminal.
The view from the Wirral shore captured by Peter Challis.
There appeared to be Dragon Boat Racing in progress at Prince's Dock, a large rubber duck looked on!
Approaching the cruise terminal.
The pilot, captain and first officer on the bridge wing.
Coming alongside and making secure around 15:06.
All in all it was an excellent value for money trip over 300 miles of sailing, a coach transfer, afternoon teas for those that wanted on both Saturday on boarding and Sunday before disembarkation, cocktail reception, dinner, extensive late night buffet, breakfast and lunch for under 300 for 2.

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