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Finished With Engines: Irish Sea Shipping is now closed to new updates - J.H. Luxton Photography - Transport, Industrial History, Regional Photographs UK & beyond

James Fisher & Sons plc

Clyde Fisher at Torpoint - October 24, 2013John H. Luxton17/11/13
Cumbrian Fisher at Portsmouth - October 20, 2013John H. Luxton09/11/13
Clyde Fisher on the River Tamar - March 31, 2013John H. Luxton31/03/13
Galway Fisher - Taking the Oils to Douglas - February 2013John H. Luxton21/02/13
Cumbrian Fisher Enters Queen Elizabeth Dry Dock - October 22, 2012John H. Luxton27/10/12
Superiority inbound for Southampton - August 03, 2012John H. Luxton14/08/12
Cumbrian Fisher - Outbound For Dublin - January 22, 2011John H. Luxton22/01/11
Milford Fisher at Douglas - October 27, 2010 Jenny Williamson29/10/10
James Fisher - Everard Ships Laid Up at Vittoria Dock - June 2009Ian Collard30/06/09
Thames Fisher on the Mersey - May 09, 2009John H. Luxton09/05/09
Sarnia Cherie and Sarnia Liberty at Birkenhead - April 17, 2009Ian Collard25/04/09
Mersey Fisher on the River Seine - April 17, 2009John H. Luxton24/04/09
Mersey Fisher Arrives At Douglas Assisted By Wendy Ann - February 21, 2009Jenny Williamson21/02/09
Atlantic Osprey - Dead Tow From Cammell Laird to Bidston - January 02, 2008John H. Luxton02/01/09
Shannon Fisher Discharges at Peel - February 10, 2008John H. Luxton16/02/08
Pacific Teal - The Last Voyage - February 09, 2008John H. Luxton16/02/08
Cumbrian Fisher - Bound for the Manchester Ship Canal - November 24, 2007John H. Luxton24/11/07
Pembroke Fisher Passes Monk's Ferry - August 17, 2007John H. Luxton17/08/07
Rudderman Outbound for Gothenburg - January 06, 2007John H. Luxton06/01/07
Clyde Fisher at Eastham - June 27, 2006John Luxton27/06/05
When Clyde Met Thames on the Mersey - May 03, 2006Ian Collard07/05/06

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