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Clipper Race 07- 08 Start

Photographs  John H. Luxton & Ian Collard 2007

Clipper Yachts departing from Canning River Entrance. As each yacht emerged a shot was fired from the artillery provided by the Territorial Army 208 Battery Royal Artillery

The yachts performed a sail past on the waterfront before lining up for the 15:00 start which was signalled by 208 Battery Royal Artillery
The yachts headed out of the Mersey in close formation on the first stage of the race to La Rochelle except for the Singapore Clipper UNIQUELY SINGAPORE which was left straddling at long way behind - probably trying to be unique?! The clipper race concludes at Liverpool on Saturday July 05, 2008. For further details of the race visit the following web sites: The brig seen in some of the shots above is the Netherlands owned vessel MERCEDES built in 2005.
www.clipperroundtheworld.com and www.clipperventures.com
Clipper Yachts seen passing New Brighton. Unfortunately passengers on the public Mersey Ferries cruise were not able to follow the Clippers down river to this point - the ROYAL IRIS put about and returned to Seacombe to start dropping passengers off. ROYAL DAFFODIL, however, continued to New Brighton as seen in the photographs below - bad marks to Mersey Ferries for that!

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