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Constructing the Liverpool Cruise Terminal: 2006 to 2007
Replacing the Cruise Stage Sections

October 25, 2007

Photographs    John Thomas 2007

On October 25 one of the two sections of stage removed shortly after the visit of the QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 were replaced by Smit tugs. The other removed section, which contains the new pilot base was replaced on October 26. The actual cruise stage, can following attention at Cammell Laird can now be presumed to be complete. John Thomas also photographed the old wooden hut which sits on top of the Prince's Jetty - one of the first concrete structures of its kind wondering just how long the new structure will last! 

Detailed Study of the Installation of the Prince's Landing Stage Vehicle Bridge

September 18, 2007

Photographs    Philip Dorricott 2007

A detailed study of the installation of the new Prince's Landing Stage vehicle bridge on September 18, 2007

Installing the New Prince's Stage Vehicle Bridge

September 18, 2007

Photographs   0242 Images

These photos were taken about 17.30 on Tuesday September 18  before the new stage vehicle bridge was dropped the final few feet into position. The landward end had been suspended from a steel beam supported on two multi wheel trailers which had obviously moved forward as the bridge was pulled into position. The outer end was being supported by the temporary caisson which was holding it a couple of feet above the stage. The outer corners were to land on steel plates with the central support slotting into a groove cut on the stage.
Prince's Stage - Preparing the Vehicle Bridge for Lifting

September 15, 2007

Photographs   John H. Luxton

By Saturday September 15, 2007 preparations were at an advanced stage to install the now completed road bridge which will provide enhanced access to both the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Cruise Terminal facilities. A large crane was in position and lifting beams had been fitted to the bridge. It appears that the river end of the bridge will be lifted onto the floating caisson and and then moved out towards the stage.
The Cruise Terminal - Nearly Complete

September 15, 2007

Photographs   John H. Luxton

Photographs of the Liverpool Cruise Terminal on Saturday September 15, 2007 six days after the visit of the first passenger ship SEVEN SEAS VOYAGER. The stage is now virtually complete - though some finishing off work appears to be required and the new vehicle access bridge lifted into position by the large heavy lift crane visble top right.

Cruise Terminal - Foot Bridge Installation

August 25, 2007

Photographs   Chris Brindle

With all four sections of the cruise terminal stage in place the foot bridge linking the stage to Prince's Parade was craned into position on Saturday August 25. Only the new vehicle bridge, currently under construction in St. Nicholas Place remains to be moved into postition.
Installing The Second Section of The Cruise Terminal

August 21, 2007

Photographs   Ian Collard

The second section of the Cruise Terminal departed from Cammell Laird on Sunday August 19, 2007 top left. However, due to adverse weather conditions it was taken into the Liverpool Dock system until Tuesday August 21 when it was placed in position. The third section which had not had to visit Cammell Laird was placed in position on Wednesday August 22. Meanwhile construction of the new vehicle bridge continues in St. Nicholas Place. However, it does appear that at least some parts of the stage will have to be returned to Laird's for dry docking after the September cruise calls.
Installing the First Section of the Cruise Terminal

August 17, 2007

Photographs John H. Luxton

The first section of stage emerged from Cammell Laird #5 dry dock at 13:53 behind SMIT GLADSTONE - it was then manoeuvred up river until the tide began to ebb. The tugs SMIT TRAFALGAR, SMIT WATERLOO and SMIT GLADSTONE brought the stage downstream to off Twelve Quays at around 16:20. However, with inbound traffic due for Twelve Quays and SUPERSEACAT TWO due at Prince's Stage the stage section was moved back up stream .

It had been intended to install the stage after the 19:00 departure of SUPERSEACAT TWO, however, due to late running  on her inbound sailing from Douglas she did not get away from Liverpool until just after 20:00. However, before her departure the tugs had brought the stage slowly back across the river.

Once positioned the three tugs easily pushed the stage into position. The operation of the pile fixings are clearly shown with the stage being clamped on to the dolphins by 20:39. There is an intended 5m gap between the stage sections the bridging section can be seen on the deck of the stage above.

The ease with which the stage sections can be fitted to the dolphins is noteworthy. This arrangement certainly lends itself to the rapid removal of sections for maintenance should that be necessary, unlike the traditional Mersey method of using shore booms.

Prince's Landing Stage Continuing Work at Liverpool

August 11, 2007

Photographs John H. Luxton

Construction work on the vehicle access bridge which will link the marshalling area to the landing stage continues whilst the new foot passenger access bridge has been delivered and rests on the pavement at what will be the north end of the extended stage.

Vehicle turning bay in St. Nicholas Place

Hopper Barge BLACK DEEP owned by Niarchos Shipping and operated by GPS Marine Contractors has been working in conjunction with a small suction dredger which is removing silt from behind the landing stage. A similar operation was carried out a few years ago.

The Cruise Terminal Stage In Dry Dock at Cammell Laird

August 11, 2007

Photographs John H. Luxton

Two of the stage sections in Cammell Laird #5 dry dock  on Saturday August 11, 2007 one week after they arrived.

Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? 

The Cruise Terminal Stage Needs Dry Docking Already!

August 04, 2007

Photographs John H. Luxton & Alan Lee

Rumours have been doing the rounds on the Mersey waterfront since the Christmas holidays that problems were being experienced with the new Cruise Terminal landing stage extension. "Scuttle butt" at the time suggested that water had entered Canada Dry Dock during the holiday period putting the project behind schedule. The project should  have been completed in time for the first scheduled "walk ashore" call to be made by the MAASDAM on July 29.

It became apparent during June that the stage was due to be installed on the river in sections from June 23 onwards. However, that date came and went. It was later announced that the stage would be taken on to the river towards the end of July when the tides were suitable. At this point it was admitted in the press that it wouldn't be ready for the MAASDAM.

However, by mid July had received several reports from correspondents that pieces of concrete had started to fall off the structure - possibly due to the concrete not setting properly as a result of water ingress into Canada Dry Dock over the Christmas Holiday period?  Apparently putting the structure back in Canada Dock was not an option as it was believed that some damage was caused to the gate opening mechanism when it was extracted, furthermore, Canada Dock is reported to be the location of the recycling of HMS INTREPID by Leavesley International commencing in the near future.

On Saturday August 04, two sections stage were towed across the river from Canada Dock to Cammell Laird #5 dry dock by Smit tugs. The first being moved in the early hours under the cover of darkness, the second during the afternoon.

To date there has been no public comment by the contractors nor Liverpool City Council - however - the Saturday afternoon towing operation would not have gone unnoticed. One imagines that an official announcement concerning problems and delays won't be long coming.

The big question is - will the cruise terminal be ready for the arrival of the PRINSENDAM on September 02 or even the official opening when QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 calls  on September 21 - let along the other calls scheduled for SEVEN SEAS VOYAGER, OCEAN MAJESTY or DEUTSCHLAND all due in September?

Any admission of problems will come as a serious embarrassment for Liverpool City Council who are responsible for the terminal following the sudden announcement that the popular Mathew Street Music Festival due later this month has been cancelled due to the unavailability of the waterfront due to construction works causing health and safety concerns.

How it should have looked by now (left).

The other pictures show the second section en route to, and after arrival at Cammell Laird to join the first section on Saturday August 04, 2007.

Prince's Landing Stage Works - Building the new road access bridge

August 04, 2007

Photographs John H. Luxton

Construction of the new vehicle access bridge commenced during the last week in July. This picture shows construction of the bridge underway on Saturday August 04, 2007. It is being constructed over the vehicle marshalling area constructed in the floating roadway cut. Presumably once complete it will be drawn forward and dropped into place. Those who have long  memories and remember the old 1960's Pier Head bus station may recall the small garden located near the floating roadway which had a small pond. In the middle of which was a wrought iron structure which your web master thinks bore a plaque inscribed "The Seven Seas" - well it appears to have been "found" and looks as it was sitting in the works compound on Saturday awaiting reinstallation.

Prince's Stage Works Cruise Terminal Extension

July 14, 2007

Photographs John H. Luxton

The almost completed vehicle marshalling area for the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company in St. Nicholas' Place can be seen on the left. The centre view shows the work underway to provide the foundations on the existing stage for the new vehicle access bridge, which in addition to providing access to the stage for Steam Packet sailings will also provide access to the Cruise Terminal extension for coaches. The top right photograph is of particular interest as it shows the landward foundations, however, at low water, as seen on Sunday July 15, a large section of concrete has fallen away - compare with the photograph of the foundations taken on April 21 (below). This may well be by design or it may not - if anyone knows please email On Wednesday July 18 the anchoring point  for the extension was being fixed to the north end of the existing stage.

The Stage Extension is Floated Out

June 16, 2007

Photographs John H. Luxton & George Jones

Floating out of the first of the new sections of Prince's Landing Stage which will comprise the City of Liverpool Cruise Terminal commenced at around 10:15 on June 16, 2007 with  tugs SMIT WATERLOO and SMIT LIVERPOOL in attendance.
SMIT WATERLOO and SMIT LIVERPOOL manoeuvre  the second section of the stage into Canada #1 Branch Dock on the afternoon of June 16. Photographs George Jones.

Prince's Stage Works Cruise Terminal Extension Floats - June 13, 2007

Photographs Dan Cross


On June 13, Canada Graving Dock was flooded and the new Prince's Landing Stage extension, which will comprise the City of Liverpool Cruise Terminal floated. These photographs show the stage lifting off the bottom of the dock and clearly show the means of anchorage to the the dolphins. - Photos: Dan Cross.

Prince's Stage Works In Progress - May 30, 2007
On May 30, 2007 back hoe dredger MANU-PEKKA was busy filling the hopper barge LONG SAND with at the northern end of the site for the new landing stage extension. Meanwhile at the southern end a Bay Towage survey boat was undertaking a survey of the river bed moving backwards and forwards across the site of the new stage.
Prince's Stage Works In Progress - May 12, 2007
On May 12, 2007 work was underway cleaning the pilings which will act as anchors for the Liverpool Cruise Terminal extension to Prince's Landing Stage.

Some of the pilings have now gained finial caps.

The road system in St. Nicholas Place is rapidly taking shape with the new road way now open to traffic and the marshalling area and short stay car park facility being completed.
Prince's Stage Works In Progress - April 21, 2007

The scene on Saturday April 21, 2007. The Isle of Man Steam Packet car marshalling area constructed on the floating roadway site is now virtually complete. It is clear where the bridge will be mounted leading down to the landing stage. The construction of the pilings against which the new landing stage extension will rise and fall is now well underway. The actual piling appear to be created by inserting a cofferdam in the river bed and pouring concrete into it. On the morning of Saturday April 21, the cofferdam could be seen being lifted into position by crane mounted on the barge SAMBA. By 20:00 the same evening the cofferdam was in place and concrete was being poured from Commercial Marine & Piling Ltd's jack up rig

Prince's Stage Works In Progress - April 08, 2007

By Saturday April 08, 2007 the Steam Packet marshalling area had been given a block paved surface, laid on top of the tar seen below. The traffic lanes being marked by different coloured blocks. Meanwhile Commercial Marine & Piling's spudjack barge SAMBA was working on installing anchoring columns for the stage extension on Wednesday April 04 (right).

Prince's Stage Works In Progress - February 24, 2007

Surfacing of the IoMSPCo marshalling area has been completed and the top of the Pier Head Canal tunnel covered (left). The piling of the old terminal buildings (see below) has been completely removed. The jack up platform, now undertaking work in connection with the installation of the landing stage extension. (right).

Prince's Stage Works In Progress - January 27, 2007
This page will record the development works associated with the new Prince's Stage extension during the winter of 2006 / 07. 

By Saturday January 27, 2007 filling in of the floating roadway cut was complete. Traffic has now been diverted through what is likely to become the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company vehicle check in area. Construction of the northern section of the canal link tunnel now appears to be underway.

Meanwhile Commercial Marine & Piling Ltd's jack up rig has been working at removing the timber supports for the former terminal buildings which served the old timber Prince's Landing Stage. A close up photograph of where some of the cross ties have been severed (top right) reveals that this old timber appears to be in remarkably good condition.

Prince's Stage Works In Progress - December 23, 2006
By late December the floating roadway cut between the canal tunnel and St.Nicholas Place has been filled in. Surfacing is underway in the vehicle marshalling area.
Prince's Stage Works In Progress - December 09, 2006
New Portacabins have appeared, whilst the last remains of the old Steam Packet Terminal buildings mainly removed in the summer have now disappeared.Is the Steam Packet trying to tell Mersey Ferries something about the use of Prince's Stage?Mersey Ferries Passengers waiting to board ROYAL DAFFODIL on December 09, 2006.Commercial Marine Piling's Jack Up Platform working on the Prince's Stage Extension siteWorkboat JESSICA S alongside Prince's Jetty. Not many vessels have berthed here in recent years!
Floating Roadway Cut & Prince's Stage Works In Progress - November 25, 2006

The former floating roadway cut photographed on November 25, 2006 showing the almost complete "tunnel" for the proposed Princess Dock - Canning Dock Canal.

The space riverward from the "tunnel" has been back filled to the dam which was installed in September with what looks to be material from the mountain of spoil which has built up on the site of Trafalgar Dock.

Work in progress on Prince's Landing Stage. The concrete dam can be seen in the first photo right. The second photo shows the remains of the former IoMSPCo ticket office which was mainly demolished during the summer. Finally contractors can be seen (far right) completing work to facilitate the use of Prince's Stage by Mersey Ferries once again.

On Friday November 24, MERSEY MAMMOTH removed the "bailey bridge" which provided the link to the Ravestein SKYLINE BARGE 15. It is expected that the temporary stage will be removed week beginning November 27. The plan to relocate the barge south of the Prince's Stage has been postponed due to difficulties experienced in recovering the floating structure.

Work In Progress on the Floating Roadway Cut - October 21, 2006

Work in progress in the Floating Roadway cut at Liverpool on October 21, 2006 in connection with the Prince's  Landing Stage improvements. The excavations each side of the cut appear to be on the line of the proposed Princes Dock - Albert Dock Canal Link.


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