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Building the Liverpool Cruise Turnaround Terminal - Spring 2012
With only a few days to go to the first turnaround work on the cruise terminal was almost complete when photographed on the mornings of May 26/27. Fencing was now in place, the by-pass road complete with replacement bus stop is now marked and finished. Workmen appeared to be putting the finishing touches to the site, though by Sunday May 27 there remained a surprising lack of signage. However, what appear to be some portable banner poles appear to have been delivered and were awaiting use at the north end of the building. Additional fencing appeares to have been put in place between Saturday and Sunday morning. Toilets have appeared in the form of a caravan located at the north end of the building - it is not apparent if this is just for staff or passenger use, though they appear to be on the inside of the secured area. 

Whilst it remains to be seen just how user friendly it turns out to be, the speed of construction, a little over two and a half months has been quite impressive. Scrolling down documents the progress on a week by week basis.

Opening Day - May 29, 2012
Photographs of the terminal on opening day - May 29, 2012. By know a sign had been applied to the building as can be seen in the photographs.
Liverpool Cruise Terminal - May 26 / 27, 2012
Cruise Terminal Work Progress - May 19, 2012
By Saturday May 19, 2012 the by-pass road had been completed and was in the process of having road markings applied much of the fencing had also been installed.
Cruise Terminal Work Progress - May 12, 2012


Photographs taken on Saturday May 12, 2012 show progress in laying out the road surfaces around the terminal.

Cruise Terminal Work Progress - May 05, 2012

Saturday May 05, 2012: Work continues on the roadways. Erection of the ISPS compliant fencing has commenced.

Cruise Terminal Work Progress - April 28, 2012

By Saturday April 28 the baggage reception hall is complete. The route of the by-pass road which will be used when the security gates are closed across Prince's Parade has been laid out with kerb edging and the foundation is being prepared. It is now quite obvious just how restricted the coach / taxi drop off area will be in the area inside the by-pass road.

Local press reports on Thursday April 19 suggest that the turnaround facilities may not be approved for use by the time the first turn-around, that of OCEAN COUNTESS, is scheduled to depart on May 29, even if construction is completed. Apparently DFT Maritime Security (formerly Transec) and the UK Boarder Agency have informed council officials they cannot sign off security arrangements for the new Cruise Terminal until the Department for Transport (DfT) reaches a decision on how much money the city must repay to have the right to launch lucrative turnaround cruises from Pier Head. This the government is unlikely to do before the May 3rd local elections.

Cruise Terminal Work Progress - April 14, 2012


Saturday April 14, 2012 and the baggage hall was almost complete
Cruise Terminal Work Progress - April 05, 2012

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2012

Less than a week after the previous photographs were taken on March 31, the frame work for the building was in place when the site was photographed during the morning of April 05. By 19:00 the same day wall panels had been installed as can be seen in the photograph bottom left.
Cruise Terminal Work Progress - March 31, 2012

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2012

Photographed on the morning of March 31, this week's progress has seen the foundation laid for the baggage handling area . It appears that work on the installation of the ISPS compliant fencing must be about to start as much of the existing fencing has now been encirciled with temporary "block and mesh" fencing.

Cruise Terminal Work Progress - March 24, 2012

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2012

Photographed on the morning of March 24, it can be seen that most of the original surface has now been removed and with what is left being crushed by a Lokotrak Mobile Impactor Plant (left)

Part of the surface in the vicinity of what will be the baggage reception area has already been levelled. Work is certainly moving along with some pace as there appears to be an advertised intention to make the facility ready by the end of May to facilitate a turn around by OCEAN COUNTESS.

Plot 7 - The Liverpool Cruise Terminal - Work Gets Underway

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2012

Contractors moved on to the Plot 7 site which is to provide temporary turn around facilities for cruise ships week commencing March 12, 2012.

These scenes were taken on March 17 showing the old surface being removed.

Plot 7 - The Liverpool Cruise Terminal - Before Construction - February 18, 2012

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2012

Following the announcement in February 2012 that Prince's Dock Plot 7 would be used for the site of a temporary Cruise Ship Turnaround facility it was thought that a record of the site before, during and after completion would be appropriate. Quite often maritime infrastructure changes take place gradually and the process of change is not always recorded.

During 2006 - 07 Irish Sea Shipping recorded the construction of the Liverpool Cruise Stage  over a period of months, therefore. A similar record of the transformation of Plot 7 - which served the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company between 1995 and 2008 - will appear on this page. The Plot 7 site had been vacated to facilitate a redevelopment scheme. However, this scheme was reported to have been a victim of the recession with the plans not being proceeded with. This has left the site available for Liverpool City Council to use as the basis of a temporary cruise terminal which it is claimed with have a lifespan of three to five years. 

This first collection of photographs show the site as it appeared on Sunday February 19, 2012 along with some notes based on the published plans.

To help visualise how the new terminal facility will be laid out you are strongly recommended to visit the Liverpool City Council Planning pages from where relevant documentation can be viewed. [CLICK HERE] for the full list of relevant documents. To view only the site plan [CLICK HERE]   

General View of plot 7 - the gate will be used for coach and taxi access though the plans suggest that it will be widened to 8 metres. The coach and taxi drop off will be to the east side of the site.  The low level perimeter fencing will be replaced by ISPS compliant fencing. To the left of this entrance gate space is identified for staff amenities and a staff car park.

The area to be used by the new access road to the east of the site can be seen on the right, it will lie over the canal tunnel before swinging west along the north side of the site to provide a link to Prince's Parade / William Jessop Way avoiding the security gates.

Security gates similar to those used during the IoMSPCo occupation of plot 7 will be installed across Prince's Parade / William Jessop Way to link the site to the top of the foot bridge. A further set of gates is envisaged crossing the parade from the top of the original vehicle bridge to facilitate the movement of the baggage train within the secure area. Thus the section of road between the present taxi turning circle and the north side of the foot passenger bridge will be closed to traffic and pedestrians. It is proposed that a new access road around the east and north side of Plot 7 will eventually provide an alternative route for vehicles. 

The baggage hall will be located approximately on the site of the former Isle of Man Steam Packet terminal building though further south.

Whilst the site appears quite large in its vacant state it should be remembered that space is to be reserved for the road diversion. Add seven coach parking bays and a taxi queuing lane as well as the terminal itself in operation the site looks as though it could be highly congested. It will be interesting to see what eventually materialises. 


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