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Installation of the New Mersey Ferries Stage

Photographs  John H. Luxton, Adrian Sweeney Ian Collard 2011

A selection  of view documenting the construction of the new Mersey Ferries Landing Stage at Liverpool Pier Head during the autumn of 2011.
 November 24, 2011 

The foot passenger bridge linking the new Mersey Ferries landing stage to the shore was lifted into place by the floating shearlegs GPS APOLLO on Thursday November 24, 2011. GPS APOLLO had been towed to Liverpool by the tug GPS Marine's tug HIBERNIA arriving on Tuesday November 22 (left) after a weather delay had caused the tug and tow to seek shelter in the Bristol Channel for a couple of days.

 November 04, 2011 
The new Mersey Ferries Landing Stage was towed into position on Friday November 04, 2011, by Smit Tugs. It will be noted that that the new stage is much smaller than its predecessor possessing only one berth. The principal structure on the stage is not a passenger waiting room but the River Mersey Community Fire and Rescue Station, the passenger waiting facilities appear almost an after thought by comparison. The previous landing stage sank in March 2006.
October 29, 2011

By Saturday October 29, 2011 the up river dolphin has been put in place as can be seen top left. Meanwhile the second dolphin which will be located down river has been raised off SKYLINE BARGE 15 position by a crane. This clearly shows just how long these dolphins are and how much of them are sunk into the mud of the river bed.   

October 22, 2011

Work is seen in progress on Saturday October 22, 2011 to locate the southern, up river dolphin, which will be used to secure the new Mersey Ferries landing stage.

October 17, 2011

Work in progress at the Mersey Ferries Liverpool Pier Head Terminal of the new landing stage. The photographs were taken on the late afternoon of October 17, 2011.

It will be noted that the Ravestein SKYLINE BARGE 15 has returned to the site where it functioned as the temporary ferry landing stage until autumn 2010. The SKYLINE BARGE 15  is now acting as a work platform for the installation of the dolphins which will be used to secure the new ferry landing stage and allow it to rise and fall on the tide. These dolphins are similar to, but appear somewhat slimmer than, those dolphins used to secure the Liverpool Cruise Terminal stage. Also on site is another jack up platform which is providing a base for a pile driver which will be used to provide the holes into which the dolphins are inserted. 


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