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Liverpool 2 Construction Work 2013

Photographs  Peter Challis & John H. Luxton 2013

This gallery will record construction work on the Liverpool 2 Container Terminal which commenced during the summer of 2013. The dredging work is being carried out by the Van Oord Group.

This gallery contains a mixture of thumbnail and full size images. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

For photographs of progress from January 2014 - Click Here.

 September 03, 2013 

Holyhead Towing Company's AFON ALAW seen with Europe's largest back hoe dredger GOLIATH owned by Van Oord. Also present in the photograph on the left is motor hopper ROAR R [918grt/1979] and in the photo on the right is motor hopper JAN LEEGHWATER [3,315grt / 2010]. Both of Van Oord. below can be seen motor hopper HELGE R [918grt / 1979] of Rhode Neilsen Dredging

 September 09 

Work appeared to be going on round the clock on September 09. Motor hoppers JAN LEEGHWATER can be seen left being loaded by GOLIATH and JOHANNIS DE RIJKE [869grt / 2007]

September 14
Viewed from MANANNAN on her 11:15 sailing to Douglas JOHANNIS DE RIJKE can be seen being loaded by Goliath.
The following views were taken from MANANNAN on her 15:00 sailing from Douglas on September 14, 2013.
JAN LEEGHWATER heavily laden heads down Queen's Channel for the spoil ground above

Also passed inbound was JOHANNIS DE RIJKE (left) inbound for another load.

Meanwhile ROAR R and HELGE R can be seen near GOLIATH.

September 15
With gales threatening AFON ALAW assists GOLIATH into Langton Lock on September 15
 September 21 
GOLIATH loading JAN LEEGHWATER whilst HELGE R awaits her turn for another load.Motor hopper ROAR R outbound to the spoil ground.JOHANNIS DE RIJKE dumping at the spoil ground beyond Liverpool Bar.
By the afternoon of September 21 a barge of the Royal Bam Group carrying a large crane was in position on the construction site. Presumably this will be used for the quay wall pile driving work.
Work has been in progress to remove the rock armour from the existing river wall (right) Williams Shipping's WILLENDEAVOUR was also on site (far right).
 September 28 
On September 28 the dredging work on the site of the Liverpool Terminal continued with back hoe dredger GOLIATH busily at work near the Gladstone River Entrance feeding the fleet of motor hopper barges which continued to run a shuttle service out to the spoil ground beyond the Liverpool Bar.
The first pile of the new dock wall was in place having been delivered to the Bam barge by Briggs Marine's FORTH PIPER which was noted laying alongside when photographed from MANANNAN on her 11:15 sailing to Douglas as seen in the first two pictures below. By late afternoon when MANANNAN returned it was noted the first pile had been driven down someway into the river bed as it was much lower than that seen a few hours earlier whilst a second pile had been put in place ready for driving.
 October 05, 2013 

The October 05 selection of photographs were taken by Peter Challis who comments that two types of pile driving hammer are apparently being used. 

The smaller first type is used for 5 to 10 minutes before being replaced by the larger second type of hammer to complete. Once this is used Peter reports that the pile appears to go in "like a hot knife through butter!"

The dredgers continue to operate a shuttle service to the spoil ground.

 November 22 / 23, 2013 

Photographs by Peter Challis of pile driving operations on November 22, 2013

The start of pile-driving of No 8 pile. The piling head is being swung onto to the pile by LARA 1.

Using the pile-driver to the right to assess progress the blue driver took c15-10 minutes to drive the pile c2-3ft into the river-bed,

The pile has been driven almost level with the deck of the jack-up rig, an estimated 3ft in c20mins.

Photographs by John H. Luxton looking along the line of the new quay wall from Gladstone Lock showing the jack up platform, pile driver and LARA 1 in position on Saturday November 23, 2013.

A number of small vessels are seen close to the jack-up platforms including FORTH TROJAN, VENOM, L2 LEADER and MEDWAY LEADER.
 December 26, 2013 

Photographs showing progress taken on Boxing Day - December 26, 2013. Dredging work was on-going on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day using the back hoe dredger DINOPOTES. Later that day with bad weather approaching DINOPOTES retreated into the dock system.


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