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Removing George's Landing Stage

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2007

July 07 - After sixteen week's work and virtually finished

After 16 weeks of pounding away at the sunken George's Landing Stage work was still continuing on Saturday July 07. The work was completed soon after these photographs were taken and the Smit "spudjack" work barge taken away.

May 31 - After ten week's work

Work boat JESSICA S of Coastal Launches loads some of the last remaining sections of the former George's Stage passenger bridge onto her deck on May 31, 2007

May 24 - After nine week's work

By May 24, the cutting up of the footbridge was well under way. The orange pump is being supported by the crane mounted on HAVEN SEAWAY, just out of view to the right. Meanwhile work to break up the south end of the sunken stage continues. Material from the stage being offloaded at tW Canada scrap berth.

May 12 - After seven week's work

By Saturday May 12, 2007 the HAVEN SEAWAY had moved down river beyond the location of the southern most landing stage boom which has been removed. The large chisel, poised for further attacks on the sunken landward side of George's Stage. The passenger bridge appears to be being cut up in situ with quite a lot of the structure having now been cut away.

The Smit barge remained in position being serviced by work boat JESSICA S. Carmet's barge VEGA is still collecting remains of the stage whilst West Coast Marine's THORA was seen alongside during the afternoon.

April 21 - After four week's work

Work continued on the morning of April21 (left) and appears to have reached the southern section of the sunken stage. By the evening of the same day Haven Port's HAVEN SEAWAY jack up platform had been positioned near to the landing stage booms and bridge.

Haven Port's HAVEN SEAWAY platform seen in position on Sunday April 22, 2007.
April 08 - After two week's work
On Saturday morning April 08 work continued on removing the old George's Landing Stage. The large crane had been operating a grab to bring out chunks of reinforced concrete which comprised the old stage and deposit it in Carmet Towing Company's barge VEGA. Something must have damaged the grab or become stuck in it as it then appeared to need attention with an oxy-acetylene cutter. Meanwhile the smaller excavator was working with a "jack-hammer" attachment, its shorter jib being able to reach the stage due to low water. Carmet Towing's pilot vessel PV VIPER was carrying crew to and from the Smit barge.
March 31 - After around one week's work

On Saturday March 31 work on removing the remains of the sunken George's Stage appeared to be proceeding rather slowly. The submerged structure continues to be pounded continuously by a massive chisel dropped from a crane. Broken sections of the stage are now being recovered and are being lifted over and placed in skips carried by the Carmet Towing Company's barge VEGA which is moored alongside the Smit "spud-jack" 

The broken chunks of reinforced concrete appear to be filling up the skips quite quickly as the reinforcement rods take up a lot of space. How long it will take to clear the debris and install the Ravestein SKYLINE BARGE 15 as the temporary stage remains to be seen. The Smit spud jack does not appear to to have moved since the previous weekend.


March 24 - Shortly after work commenced

A second attempt at the removal of the sunken remains of the George's (Mersey Ferries) Landing Stage finally got underway during the third week in March. Fifty five weeks after the structure originally sank. There had been rumours that explosives could be used - but the presence of the Queensway Road Tunnel probably mitigated against that proposal.

A Smit "spudjack" barge is in use loaded with a demolition crane armed with a substantial "chisel" that is being dropped onto the sunken stage. After watching proceedings for several minutes one had the impression there were more his than misses. How long this work will take remains to be seen. Local work boat JESSICA S is seen in attendance.


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