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Liverpool Pier Head Maritime Memorials

© John H. Luxton 2000 -  2012

Memorial to the Heroes of the Marine Engine Room

The restored Memorial to the Heroes of the Marine Engine Room seen following completion of the restoration work and the new interpretive plaque which erroneously shows the RMS OLYMPIC and not the RMS TITANIC. [April / May 2012]

Memorial to the Heroes of the Marine Engine room seen undergoing refurbishment in March 2012 to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the RMS TITANIC [April 2012]

Memorial to the Heroes of the Marine Engine room. Often referred to as the Titanic Memorial.

The monument was funded by public subscription and was intended to commemorate the bravery of the engineers of the RMS Titanic. However, on completion it was dedicated to The Heroes of the Marine Engine room

The Far East Repatriation Memorial

Unveiled in October 2011 this memorial remembers the prisoners of war and civilians who survived captivity in the Far East during World War II and who were repatriated through the Port of Liverpool and the ships involved. The plaque was unveiled by 91 year old Veteran Maurice Naylor CBE who returned to the UK on board the ORBITA in November 1945. [Photograph: May 19, 2012]

SS Arandora Star Memorial

SS ARANDORA STAR memorial unveiled in July 02, 2008. This commemorates the sinking of the Blue Star passenger liner which was on a voyage from Liverpool to St. John's, Newfoundland, carrying mainly German and Italian internees and prisoners of war bound for an internment camp in Canada. A total of 805 persons were lost when the ship was torpedoed 75 miles off the Irish Coast by U-47 Commanded by U-Boat Ace GŁnther Prien. [Photograph: May 19, 2012]

Chinese Merchant Seamen's Memorial

The Chinese Merchant Seamen's memorial unveiled on January 23, 2006 remembers the Chinese merchant seamen who served and died for the United Kingdom in both World Wars. It also records the shameful forced repatriation of these men, many of whom had married local women and fathered children, at the conclusion of hostilities. 

Merchant Navy Memorial

phmemnav.jpg (33576 bytes)

Memorial to the officers and man of the Merchant Navy who gave their lives whilst serving in the Royal Navy 1939 -1945.

 Belgian Merchant Navy Memorial

phbelg.jpg (80362 bytes)

Memorial to the 831 seamen of the Belgian Merchant Navy who died during World War II
Netherlands Merchant Navy Memorial

Netherlands' Merchant Navy Memorial unveiled in 2004

Cunard Steamship Company Memorial

phmcunard.jpg (41033 bytes)

Cunard Steamship Company Memorial stands outside the former company offices and commemorates employees who died in the two world wars. The design is inspired by the columns erected by the Romans to commemorate their victories during the Punic Wars.

 The British Merchant Navy Memorial

phmn1.jpg (50889 bytes)  phmn2.jpg (31425 bytes)

The Merchant Navy Memorial commemorates crews of Merchant Navy ships who died during World War II.

A new plaque was attached to the river side of the memorial in 2006, bearing the same wording as previously inscribed but with the addition of a "red duster"

World War II Convoy Memorial Bandstand (Now Demolished)

phstand.jpg (77538 bytes)

World War II Convoy Memorial Bandstand which existed at the Pier Head until refurbishment work in 2007-08 which saw its removal.

Captain Walker Memorial

Memorial erected in memory of Captain F. J. "Johnnie" Walker CB DSO RN and the men of his 36th Escort and Second Support Groups and all those who fought in the Battle Of The Atlantic 1939 - 45.

Captain Walker was Britain's number one anti-submarine warfare commander during WWII with 26 kills, though one had to be shared with the RAF! He died shortly before the end of WWII aged 47 following a stroke brought about primarily by overwork.

British & American War Time Unity

Plaque commemorating  British and American Unity during WWII and the Troops and Cargos passing through the port of Liverpool. [Photographed: February 2012]

Canada Boulevard

phcan3.jpg (89547 bytes)phcanb1.jpg (87351 bytes)phcanb2.jpg (114995 bytes)
The road across which runs across the Pier Head piazza was dedicated as the Canada Boulevard in Spring 1998 in recognition of the Canadian Military and Merchant Navy officers and men who gave their lives during World War II.

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