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SS Formby and SS Coningbeg Memorials

Waterford City

 Photographs John Luxton 2004

The memorials to the crews of the SS FORMBY and the SS CONINGBEG situated on the quays at Waterford were unveiled by President Mary Robinson on the on December 21, 1997. The commemorate the sinking of the  S.S. Formby and S.S. Coningbeg off the Irish Coast during WWI.. This ships operated by by Clyde Shipping Company of Glasgow, were believed sunk by U62. SS. FORMBY off Wicklow and the SS CONINGBEG in Caernarvon Bay
SS Formby

"On December 14, 1917 as the S.S. Formby sailed on her last homeward voyage before Christmas, no doubt the crew of her sister ship wished her Good Luck see you on The Mall. Sadly this was not to be as the steamer was torpedoed off the Wicklow coast and sank in minutes. There was no warning and no survivors. Only one body, that of Annie O'Callaghan the stewardess was recovered off the Pembrokeshire coast. On board were 37 crew and 2 passengers. These were merchant seamen engaged in peaceful trading between Waterford and Liverpool bringing essential supplies of food and goods between both countries."

SS Coningbeg

"The S.S. Coningbeg sailed homeward bound two days after her sister ship the S.S. Formby. On board were a crew of 40 with 4 passengers. The ship was torpedoed off the east coast by the same U-boat with no warning and all were lost. There were harrowing scenes on the Waterford Quayside as women and children waited in the wet and cold of winter for news of loved ones. It was after Christmas before the sinking's were confirmed with a total loss of 83 lives. This was the worst disaster to befall Waterford this century."


ON 136311.

1,282 Gross. 526 Net. 270.2 x 36.2 x 16.7 feet.

Triple expansion steam engine by builder. 318 nhp.

Launched 9th April 1914 by Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering  Company Ltd,. Dundee. Yard Number 238.


ON 102005.

1,429 Gross. 357 Net. 270.6 x 36.1 x 16.6 feet.

1912. Tonnage. 1,279 Gross. 535 Net.

Triple expansion steam engine by Dunsmuir and Jackson Ltd. Glasgow. 469 nhp.

Launched as CLODAGH 10 October 1903.  by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd.  Troon as yard number 116 for the Waterford SS Co. Ltd. February 1904. Completed.

July 1912. Purchased by Clyde Shipping and renamed CONINGBEG.



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