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The Western Link Project

Photographs  Peter Challis 2013

The Western Link Project is a joint venture between National Grid and Scottish Power Transmission have a 1 billion project which will help to bring renewable energy from Scotland to homes and businesses in Wales and England. The 385km undersea high voltage powerline is being constructed from Ardneil Bay in Ayrshire, Scotland to a landfall point at Leasowe on the Wirral. This series of views shows the vessels engaged in the installation work around the Wirral shore.
September 11, 2013
Carmet Towing company vessels AUDREY and VIXEN take Williams Shipping's WILCARRY501 work barge down river heading for Leasowe shore on September 11, 2013.
September 13
Leasowe Beach, work underway to install the DC cable sheath under the embankment - September 12, 2013
The pipe being buried on the beach, September 12, 2013

The pipe is being pulled under the embankment by the same drilling-rig that has drilled out from nr. the Lighthouse, at 17m, The pipe was connected to a reamer which then began pulling the whole thing onto land. Very impressive day's work! Tide rising so all machinery that was on the beach now onboard the barge!

Pipe steadily being pulled under the embankment late afternoon. September 12, 2013

September 13
Work continued on Friday - the scene above shows BOUDICCA passing in the background. She was heading to Dublin on Friday morning to begin a cruise from Dublin to Iberia and Gibraltar.

Friday - day two of pipe installation. The day's work involved burying the seaward end of the pipe in the beach. 

Job completed, tide encroaching fast! Loading the barge for retrun journey to Bromborough.

October 25, 2013

Survey vessel OCEAN DRAGON continued its UXB survey in the bay whilst the second pipe was being installed. The barge is waiting patiently for low-water in order to continue its pipe-laying work.

Following the barge's return from Mostyn, work continued into the night to complete the burial of the pipe to leave it in readiness for the arrival of the cables sometime next year and to bury it in the beach. 

Work on installing the second protective sleeve for the DC cables from Scotland to Connah's Quay Power Station began on October 17. Due to inclement weather, the barge had to seek shelter at Mostyn following a technical hitch work was completed on October 25, 2013 when the barge returned to the McTay shipyard.


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