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Mystery as MY Solandge Goes Incognito at Cammell Laird!

Photographs  Peter Challis 2013 - comments on photography by John H. Luxton, Irish Sea Shipping

Photographs of the charter motor yacht SOLANDGE in Cammell Laird #5 dry dock on November 20, 21 & 24, 2013. Apparently there has been a crude attempt to hide the identity of the vessel by covering its name with a plastic sheet. Of course who ever did this wasn't too bright as the name is still visible painted on the Perry buoy (life-ring) as can be seen from the photos below and also the name of her builders Lurssen. Many ships come and go into Cammell Laird #5 dry dock and it has never been known for the identity of the vessel to be disguised so that visitors to public viewing gallery on the top of St. Mary's Tower at Birkenhead Priory cannot identify it

Furthermore, the photographer who took these photographs reports that on Friday November 22 whilst up the tower he was shouted at by men working on the nearby travelling dockside crane that photographs of the vessel were not allowed! All rather bizarre behaviour really when one thinks about it especially when it is visible from a public place. Those that wish to stop photography from a public place need to brush up on the legal rights of photographers.

The fact is that there are now so many photographs of the SOLANDGE on the River Mersey and in #5 Dry Dock on various web sites on the that any attempt to hide the fact that the ship is in dry dock with technical problems is futile! Furthermore, such action will only arouse suspicion and curiosity especially considering the fact that she crossed from Douglas to Birkenhead with her AIS turned off, something only warships usually do.    

Work on the bow.
On going work on the prop shaft.
Polishing the chrome work
Solandge Update - November 27 & 29
Photographs of the SOLANDGE in Cammell Laird on November 27 show one of her propellers being reattached and the final picture of this set taken on November 29, shows the yacht afloat once again.

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