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Historic Ships

Draken Harald Hårfargre on Merseyside, July & August 2014Peter Challis10/08/14
The Dazzling Disfigurement of The Edmund Gardner - June 11 & 14, 2014P. Challis & J.H. Luxton12/06/14
Daniel Adamson Moves to Albert Dock - May 27, 2014Peter Challis31/05/14
Planet Recalls Caroline 50th Anniversary - March 29, 2014John H. Luxton30/03/14
Falklands Veteran HMS Plymouth Continues to Await Her Fate October 26, 2013John H. Luxton30/11/13
HMS Bronington - Ten Degree List in Gilbrook Basin - October 26, 2013John H. Luxton30/11/13
RNLB Ruby and Arthur Reed at Hythe - October 19, 2013John H. Luxton27/10/13
Tug Tender Calshot at Southampton - October 19, 2013John H. Luxton27/10/13
SS Sheildhall - At Southampton - October 19, 2013John H. Luxton27/10/13
Asgard - The Howth Gun Runner Conserved - August 28, 2013John H. Luxton07/09/13
RAF 200 Class Seaplane Tender at Pembroke Dock - August 07, 2013John H. Luxton10/08/13
Brocklebank Visits Howth - July 07, 2013Tony Brennan13/07/13
Steam Tug Kerne at Canning - May 25, 2013John H. Luxton25/05/13
Historic West Country Trading Ketch Irene - March 31, 2013John H. Luxton05/04/13
Brocklebank at Albert Dock - January 12, 2013John H. Luxton12/01/13
The Duke of Lancaster Revisited August 22, 2012John H. Luxton21/08/12
Historic Passenger Steamship Stord I at Bergen - August 08, 2012John H. Luxton21/08/12
Historic Passenger Ship MV Rogaland - August 05, 2012John H. Luxton15/08/12
Historic Norwegian Passenger Ship Sandnes - August 05, 2012John H. Luxton15/08/12
SS Great Britain - Brunel's Masterpiece June 16, 2012 John H. Luxton23/06/12
The New Medway Queen Takes Shape at Bristol - June 16, 2012John H. Luxton19/06/12
HMS Warrior - June 04, 2012John H. Luxton09/06/12
Light Vessel Planet on the Move - April 14, 2012John H. Luxton14/04/12
HMS Caroline - The Battle of Jutland Survivor - April 06, 2012John H. Luxton13/04/12
Nomadic - The Last Surviving White Star Ship - April 06, 2012John H. Luxton13/04/12
HMS Plymouth Awaits Her Fate - March 17, 2012John H. Luxton17/03/12
Brocklebank Prepares to Greet Queen Mary 2 - September 15, 2011Adrian Sweeney16/09/11
Steam Tug Kerne off Woodside - August 30, 2011Adrian Sweeney03/09/11
Ripple SS19 - Afloat Again - The Restoration of an Historic Cornish ShipConor Lyndsay29/07/11
Brocklebank off Egremont - May 09, 2011John H. Luxton12/05/11
HMS Bronington Awaits Her Fate a Gilbrook Basin - September 18, 2010John H. Luxton18/09/10
Queen Mary II Prepares to Leave London - November 03, 2009Andrew King11/11/09

Pompon Rouge - August 26, 2009. Could Wincham have been preserved like this?

John Luxton30/08/09

HMS Plymouth & HMS Bronington Change Berths - June 2009

Ian Collard30/06/09
Unveiling the Keel of the New PS Medway Queen - June 06, 2009A.S. & J.H.L.07/06/09
Tug-Tender Calshot at Southampton - April 2009John H. Luxton20/04/09
Weaver Packet Wincham on the Mersey - April 02, 2009Ian Collard02/04/09
U534 at Woodside - February 14, 2009John H. Luxton14/02/09
Soleil D'Or Update - September 2008Chris Jones28/09/08
Sea Stallion Departs Dublin for Roskilde - June 29, 2008Tony Brennan29/06/08
Empress of Britain - A Tribute Ian Collard14/05/08
U534 - Last Days at East FloatKevin Bennett27/04/08
U534 - Moving the Bow - March 15, 2008John H. Luxton15/03/08
U534 - Moving the Stern - March 13, 2008Eddie Doig14/03/08
U534 - Moving the First Section - March 10, 2008Eddie Doig10/03/08
U534 - The Cutting of the Historic U-Boat nears completion - February 28, 2008Eddie Doig28/02/08
U534 - The Cutting of the Historic U-Boat Commences - February 05, 2008Eddie Doig08/02/08
Historic Weaver Tug France-Hayhurst - A New Albert Dock Arrival - November 03, 2007John H. Luxton03/11/07
Sea Stallion of Glendalough - Dublin's Viking Warship at Collin's Barracks, August 29, 2007John H. Luxton02/09/07
Nomadic - The Last White Star Ship Afloat - June 23, 2007John H. Luxton25/06/07
Preserved Fleetwood Trawler Jacinta bound for Laird's April 17, 2007Kevin Bennett02/05/07
Royal Iris Revisited - Evidence of Life on Board! - April 2007Jenny Williamson29/04/07
A Planet With an Uncertain Future in Liverpool - February 27, 2007John H. Luxton05/03/07
SS American Victory - December 08, 2006Patrick Taylor31/12/06
Duke of Lancaster - The Fun Ship YearsA. King and A. Sweeney16/12/06
A visit to the Duke of Lancaster - December 02, 2006J.H.Luxton & A. Sweeney07/12/06
Egremont - A Wallasey Ferry In Exile - October 2006Ian Liston01/11/06
Royal Iris [III] Awaits Her Fate on the Thames - August 2006Trevor Roberts20/08/06
White Star Line's Nomadic Arrives at Belfast - July 2006Nomadic Society25/07/06
Preparing Nomadic for the Voyage Home - July 10, 2006Thierry Dufournaud11/07/06
Manxman at Pallion - June 08, 2006J. Williams & S. Black09/07/06
HMS Onyx - Barrow Here I Come!I.C. D.B. & P.P14/06/06
Mayflower - The World's Oldest Steam Tug at Bristol - May 20, 2006John H. Luxton21/05/06
Historic Warships Await Their FateP.K. and I.C.07/05/06
HMS Gay Archer on the Manchester Ship CanalDave Billinge03/05/06
HMS Gay Archer Leaves the QuaysDave Billinge25/03/06
A New Berth For Planet - March 18, 2006John H. Luxton18/03/06
Historic Steam Tug Kerne On The MoveDan Cross18/02/06
Steam Tug Kerne Arrives at Birkenhead - February 18, 2006JHL & IC18/02/06
Historic Warships at BirkenheadDavid Billinge08/02/06
Historic Warships at Birkenhead - January 28, 2006John H. Luxton28/01/06
Compton Castle - Kingswear Castle's Unfortunate Sister - January 2006Ian Liston28/01/06
Duke of Lancaster at FiftyMichael Bracken31/12/05
Edmund Gardner Maintains a Christmas Tradition - December 24, 2005John H. Luxton24/12/05
Nomadic - Inside and Out - November 11, 2005T. Dufournaud19/11/05
Nahlin Departs Merseyside On Board Condock V - July 27, 2005Philip Parker05/08/05
Nahlin - Historic Steam YachtJohn H. Luxton08/08/03

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