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Stranraer Maritime Heritage

Photographs Richard Seville 2002, Sara Cass 2003, Trevor Kidd 2004 and Ian Collard

January 2002 - Richard Saville

October 23, 2003

April 16, 2004


Stranraer-SeaCat1.jpg (42391 bytes)Stranraer-SeaCat2.jpg (33223 bytes) 
stranraer-sealinkpanel.jpg (35000 bytes)Stranraer-BritishFerries.jpg (51905 bytes) 

The four views above were take Sara Cass and Trevor Kidd. Trevor's photos show the demolition of the gangway which had remained in place for sometime following the removal of the terminal buildings.

Finally below a view of Stranraer in happier times from Ian Collard. ANTRIM PRINCESS is on the pier, photographed from CALEDONIAN PRINCESS.

Stranraer-SealinkLarne.jpg (38325 bytes)

This selection of photographs on the left were taken by Richard Seville in January 2002 and revealed just how much of the port's maritime heritage of the past two decades was still be seen at the time. Much old signage remained, How many people outside of shipping remember "British Ferries"?

Stranraer-StationSign.jpg (47855 bytes)
Stranraer-SherwoodPlaque.jpg (32685 bytes).




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