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Maritime Heritage of Cóbh

Photographs © John H. Luxton 2005

White Star Line TerminalCommodore HotelCunard Terminal

The Commodore Hotel was built in 1855. It became the States Hotel in 1922 and renamed the Commodore Hotel in the late 1930s.

The hotel served the same function as today's airport hotels  providing accommodation for those travelling on the great liners which called at the port up to the 1960s.

Today the hotel provides excellent accommodation especially for maritime enthusiasts who are provided with a grand-stand view of passing merchant and naval ships from the forward facing rooms and the roof garden.

The hotel also has a good display of nautical bric-a-brac and is highly recommended by your web master!


The former White Star terminal was established by White Star agents James Scott in this building which dates from 1830: First and Second class passengers entered via the front doorway, whilst steerage passengers were accommodated on the ground floor.

Passengers were conveyed by tenders from the now decaying pier to the ships which anchored at the mouth of Cork Harbour. The building houses the Cóbh Post Office and also the Titanic Restaurant, Bar and Gift shop established by a local entrepreneur in the wake of the Titanic movie, who also planned to restore the pier. Unfortunately this business has not thrived and has been closed for some time.

The former Cunard Line Terminal served the now derelict Cunard Pier. Today it is used by the Permanent TSB Bank, however, the waiting room retains its railway station style awning.

It was to this terminal that the survivors and victims of the Lusitania sinking were brought ashore. Following the merger of Cunard and White Star this terminal served the combined company.

Harbour Commissioners' OfficesRoyal Cork Yacht ClubDeepwater Quay Station

Cork Harbour Commissioners Office was built on Lynch's Quay - in 1874.

This distinctive building now serves as the Cóbh Town Hall.

The former Royal Cork Yacht Club was constructed in 1854 which dates back to 1720 and is the oldest yacht club in the world. The Club moved to Crosshaven in the 1960s and the building is now used as a Tourist Information Centre convenient for arriving cruise and rail passengers and also houses the Sirius Arts Centre.

Typical of many rail sea interchange stations developed between 1860 and 1882. First and Second class railway passengers would have boarded the tenders here directly from the arriving trains.


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