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Training Ship San Giusto

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2004

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Marina Militare Italiana [Italian Navy] Training Ship SAN GUISTO is a very interesting and versatile ship, resembling as she does a miniature aircraft carrier. However, though primarily equipped as a training ship she can function as a Landing Platform Dock for amphibious forces. 

Visitors to the vessel on Navy Days were given conducted tours by the midshipman trainees, this tour included the dock / hangar / vehicle deck. When functioning as an LPD SAN GUISTO can embark 316 men with equipment. When used as a training ship she carries 266 trainees. The ship's complement is 180.

She has the cpacity to carry 34 ACVs in the hangar and on the flight deck. Her dock can accomodate three landing craft, normally carried on side davits. Here flight deck can handle medium  sized helicopters she can carry up to 6. She also has an extensive onboard hospital and medical facilities which make her useful as a rescue ship when needed to provide relief support following disasters.

The plaque visible in the second row second from left reads" CORAGIO NO MANGA CO SEMO NEL GIUSTO" It means "Courage cannot fail when you are right" a witticism in the dialect of Trieste. 


Displacement: 8,000 tonnes

Length: 133.3m

Width: 25m

Draught: 6m


2 x GMT Diesels of 8400 hp

Twin variable pitch propellors

Bow Thurster.

Speed & Range

20 knots

4500 nmiles


1 x 76/62 Otto Melara

2 x 20/70 Machine Guns


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