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HMS Albion - The Amphibious Experience

Photographs  John H. Luxton 2004

The focus of the 2004 Navy Days was the role of the Amphibious Forces. The visitor highlight was the chance to sail to and from Landing Platform Dock HMS Albion [L14] which was anchored offshore in the Hamoaze in a landing craft. It was important to undertake this trip early in the day as the visits ended prior to the start of the afternoon displays and as the morning progressed the queues grew longer and longer.

These photographs were taken on August 28, 2004.

L1090750.JPG (81679 bytes)L1090751.jpg (66883 bytes)L1090752.jpg (63025 bytes)L1090755.jpg (59233 bytes)
An LCU Mk10 arrives at Weston Mill LakeBoarding the landing craft at Weston Mill LakeCrossing to the Albion
L1090757.jpg (65130 bytes)L1090759.jpg (65360 bytes)L1090760.jpg (79118 bytes)L1090761.jpg (87367 bytes)
Wheelhouse of the LCU Mk10Entering HMS Albion's Dock.
L1090762.jpg (86471 bytes)L1090763.jpg (87489 bytes)L1090764.jpg (88384 bytes)L1090765.jpg (88565 bytes)
Arriving on board.
L1090766.jpg (109870 bytes)L1090767.jpg (101075 bytes)L1090768.jpg (54787 bytes)L1090769.jpg (66581 bytes)
DischargedVehicle deckLCU and LCVPs operated the shuttleAn LCVP leaving the dock.
L1090774.jpg (70282 bytes)L1090775.jpg (65517 bytes)L1090776.jpg (49747 bytes)L1090778.jpg (71166 bytes)
Another load of visitors arrive at the ship.HMS Albion flight deck.
L1090779.jpg (40054 bytes)L1090780.jpg (62938 bytes)L1090782.jpg (94318 bytes)L1090783.jpg (81331 bytes)
Port name boardgoal keeper gunArriving on board 
L1090785.jpg (110796 bytes)L1090787.jpg (88639 bytes)L1090788.jpg (56260 bytes)L1090789.JPG (44985 bytes)
Leaving the Albion.


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