BA60: The Leaving of Merseyside

Photographs © Ian Collard 2003

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On Monday May 6, 2003 the visiting warships departed from the Mersey bringing to a close possibly the last significant gathering of foreign naval vessels on the Mersey.

La Touche Tréville Trondheim & Kaszub
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La Touche Tréville 
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TrondheimHMS WalneyPrimula
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ORP Kaszub
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HMS Invincible
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FGS Schleswig HolsteinFGS Schleswig HolsteinPrimula
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ba933.jpg (77325 bytes)The final vessel to depart was Admiral Chabanenko which departed from Langton in the late afternoon. Other photographs of the Admiral Chabanenko's departure

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So comes to an end the final Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration. 

Over 100,000 visitors are estimated to have come to Liverpool for the Commemoration. 


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