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Old Lamb Banana's Nautical Predictions for 2008


After a reasonable level of success in 2007 [click here] here are Old Lamb Banana's predictions for 2008. Once again with apologies to (Old Moore!) here are the Celtic and Irish Sea Nautical Predictions for 2008.

As with last year's predictions - some are serious - others seriously light hearted - its up to you to decide which are which!

June 30 review comments in brown

December 31 review comments in red


1. Liverpool's Pier Head waterfront will continue to resemble a building site beyond the target completion date of August 2008.2. A body will be retrieved from the new Pier Head Canal before the end of 2008 leading to calls that the new feature is unsafe.3. The new Pier Head Canal will become a dumping place for litter.4. Construction work on Liverpool's waterfront will lead to complaints concerning restricted viewing opportunities for Liverpool Tall Ships in July 20085. The Swansea - Cork service will fail to restart for the 2008 season and a debate will start resembling that has been underway on the Ballycastle Campbeltown since 1998!
July 03 - and it still looks like a building site .....

Contractors finally reopened the first part of the waterfront at the end of October!

Canal is as yet incomplete.

Fortunately no body yet - but canal remains in complete.

Not yet ...... but plenty of time!Correct - work wasn't completed for Tall Ships!The route has failed to restart for 2008. A web site has been launched to promote the restoration of the service.


 6. Ballycastle - Campbeltown will continue to be a talking point amongst Irish and Scottish politicians - with promises for a service in 2009 which it will be announced by the end of 2008 will not materialise.

7. The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company will not order a new vessel in 2008.8. Llandudno Pier - the berthing head will be repaired. 9. Barrow based James Fisher will acquire another company during 2008.10. HMS Whimbrel will not return to Merseyside in 2008. However, HMS Plymouth will depart.
It is still a talking point - but little else!


As predicted - but they have bought a second hand one - INCAT 50 which will enter service in 2009 as MANANNAN.Got that one wrong!Acquired JCM Scotload!


Nothing has happened yet!

HMS WHIMBREL project has been scuppered by Egyptians increasing the asking price. HMS PLYMOUTH continues to moulder and some sources suggest could end up being scrapped as there is no berth for her in Plymouth.

11. Celtic Link will sell the Rosslare - Cherbourg service.

12. SeaTruck will open another new service between the UK and Ireland.13. Brittany Ferries will announce a replacement for the PONT-AVEN for the Plymouth - Santander and Roscoff - Cork services.14. Proposals for new ships to be deployed on the Larne - Fleetwood service will be announced.15. A ship will collide with one of the numerous wind farm turbines currently which have sprouted in recent years.
Still perhaps a possibility?


Rumours of a Norfolk Line take over at the end of June!

Not yet - but they are starting a route on the Baltic!

There will be  changes for 2009 with PONT-AVEN sailing to Santander from Portsmouth.

No replacement announced - but timetable changes permit PONT-AVEN to sail from Portsmouth and Plymouth but at the expense of the exUK MiniCruise market.

Not yet!

Wrong - nothing has happened!

Not yet!

Fortunately wrong!

16. The hot drinks machine on board the SNOWDROP will be repaired to enable it to serve "hot chocolate".17. This year more information about the new SCILLONIAN IV will be made available by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company18. Irish Ferries will have a new owner by the end of 2008.19. The challenge to the Douglas Linkspan User Agreement launched by Seaside Shipping in 2007 will not reach a conclusion in 2008.20. A private equity company will acquire an Irish / Celtic Sea based shipping company during 2008.
Yes it has!Not Yet!

Yes it has - but the new build plans for SCILLONIAN IV have been put out to tender for a second time.

Not yet!

Towards the end of 2008 the Moonduster consortium has appeared on the scene again so perhaps in 2009?

Seaside Shipping's petition was thrown out by Deemster Doyle in July 2008 though an appeal is pending.

Not yet!


21. Irish Sea Shipping front page hit counter will have exceeded 1 million by December 2008.

Slightly optimistic - has reached over 942,000 hits!

If you have any thoughts and comments on 2008 predictions post to


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