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Taking a look at the lighter side of Unsubstantiated  Maritime News, Gossip, Humour, Rumour & Comment!
Have A Safe Journey - Oops - someone didn't! September 14
Spotted at the Liverpool Sea Terminal on September 13.

The notice points to the exit and wishes vehicle passengers a safe journey.

It obvious from the redesigned sign that someone didn't have a safe journey!

La Machine - Look what has just emerged from Cammell Laird!

August 31

Those who live in the North West of England and in Liverpool in particular may have seen reference to a creation known as "La Machine" in the local media during the past few weeks. "La Machine" is a mechanical sculpture which is to be revealed to the public on September 05, 2008 - one of the highlights of Capital of Culture Year.

However, perhaps they should have chosen somewhere a little more secret to construct the "La Machine" than the Cammell Laird construction hall! On Saturday August 30 a large, strange mechanical beastie could be seen suspended by cranes outside as the photographs on the right show.

Now Irish Sea Shipping can't claim to know that this is definitely "La Machine" - but various evidence suggests it is so.

The BBC North West news revealed a roundabout in Liverpool has been removed. - The one at the mouth of 'Queensway'  Birkenhead Tunnel has recently been taken away. The "La Machine" web site shows a picture of the Mersey Tunnel portal at the bottom.

Obviously this 'creature' will enter Liverpool through the tunnel.  If you look at the colour of the 'creature' you will also note that it matches that of previous creations from this organisation.

Irish Sea Shipping apologises for revealing the nature of the creation ahead of the intended surprise - but building it at a ship-yard was just asking for it to be spotted and reported on here!

Norfolk Line Sale to Clipper Group / DFDS?

July 03

Strong rumours are circulating in Norfolk Line offices, Seatruck offices and elsewhere at Heysham and Birkenhead of a pending takeover of Norfolk Line by Clipper Group / Seatruck / DFDS.
Public Access to Be Restricted on Princes' Parade During Cruise Ship Calls?

June 22

As yet unsubstantiated rumours have reached Irish Sea Shipping which suggest that Merseyside Police are becoming concerned about the large numbers of spectators gathering on Prince's Parade (William Jessop Way) when large cruise ships are berthed at the new Liverpool Cruise Terminal.

According to the rumour police believe that large numbers gathering could impede evacuation of the landing stage and ship should an emergency arise.

At present it is not entirely clear if any restrictions would apply to only to vehicles, many have been noted parked on yellow lines when large vessels are alongside, or to pedestrians as well.

After much spin being put on arrivals and departures from the terminal becoming a magnet for visitors and locals it would be very disappointing if restrictions on pedestrian spectators were imposed.

Just across the Irish Sea at Cóbh, County Cork large passenger cruise ships berth at a terminal which is open to the public without the need for any restrictions.

Is this going to be another case of Health & Safety and Security spoiling a visitor attracting spectacle?

If anyone knows more Irish Sea Shipping would be interested to hear details.

Larne - Stranraer HSS Cutbacks?

June 22

Rumours circulating in shipping circles suggest that following a deceleration in crossing times on the Holyhead to Dún Laoghaire service which commence in June soaring fuel prices may soon take their toll on the northern corridor HSS STENA VOYAGER service between Belfast and Stranraer.

Rumours suggest that crossing times may be pushed back to 2h 20 minutes with one round trip per day being axed

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company - The Alternative Option

May 05

With recent gossip on the waterfront concerning the acquisition of a new vessel by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company following news of company representatives going "down under" to view INCAT 50- Irish Sea Shipping contributor Alex McCormac has produced an alternative future.

With a little help from "Photoshop" he has transformed the rather bland looking STENA CALEDONIA into a new look MONA.

Whilst almost certainly a flight of fancy it is interesting to note how the new IoMPSCo livery and logos give the less than flattering lines of STENA CALEDONIA ( ex SAINT DAVID) a significantly more striking appearance. All liveries previously carried by this vessel in both British Railways, Sealink UK and Stena have been somewhat bland. Click on the image to enjoy an alternative future for what must be the British Isles' most talked about shipping company!

Mersey Ferries - Still No Hot Chocolate and what about the Coffee?!!!!

April 27

A trip on the ROYAL IRIS OF THE MERSEY which was operating the ferry service on Saturday April 26 revealed that there was still no hot chocolate available. - See comments of March 16 below.

The coffee which now costs £1.75 for a cardboard cup is probably one of the most disgusting your web master has ever tried either afloat or ashore. 

By comparison a cup of coffee on board Isle of Man Steam Packet company ships costs only £1.49 and is of reasonable quiality!

Come on Mersey Ferries - it may be Capital of Culture Year on Merseyside - but the onboard offering is poor value, and does not compare favourably both in terms of cost and quality with what can be had else where. 

It won't be just the coffee that will leave visitors with a bad taste in their mouths!

Mersey Ferries - What no hot chocolate again!

March 16

One of the best drinks to be had on a cold day on the River Mersey is a hot chocolate.

However, the outside contract caterers who provide the refreshments appear to have had a few problems over the winter dispensing hot chocolate in the servery several weeks ago hot chocolate was unavailable then again for the  past two two weeks on the run it has been unavailable again on the service vessel - ROYAL DAFFODIL.

Other hot drinks are available - but neither the tea nor coffee travel particularly well - in the coffee in particular is coloured hot water and lacks any flavour. Something needs to be done!

New Steam Packet Fast Craft for 2010?

January 07

Whispers have reached ISS that at a recent meeting with representatives of the IOM Government the Isle of Man Steam Packet stated that they have ‘firm’ plans to introduce a new ‘high capacity’ fast craft in 2010 to replace at least one of their existing vessels…...


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