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Taking a look at the lighter side of Maritime News, Unsubstantiated  Gossip and Unlikely Rumour!
Ian Liston kindly forwarded the following from "The Times" - June 5. Those who know Liverpool will soon see the funny side of this account!

Jump on the Mersey Ferry for a trip to St Johns Beacon and a look back at the Pierhead. (I quote exactly!) the same article is said: (apropos the City of Culture Selection Panel) ..." some chose to board the Mersey Ferry for a trip to St Johns Beacon to view the city's sweeping panorama and picture where the £250 million 'Fourth Grace', a development known as the Cloud, is to be built and ocean going liners are to make a comeback."

Guess someone isn't too aware of the Geography of Liverpool!

There are unsubstantiated rumours circulating on the Irish Sea that Irish Continental Group plc have made a bid for the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company which is currently being offered for sale by Sea Containers.

If the rumour is true and the company  proves to be the successful bidder for Sea Containers Irish sea operation might a switch occur from Heysham to Holyhead with the latter becoming the main ro/ro freight port?"

From Lloyds List newspaper
"Aficionados of the exotic ship register will be both proud and delighted that the great maritime nation of Mongolia has elected to sponsor a fleet of merchant ships. In a country of astonishing desiccation, with the nearest route to the sea 800 km plumb through the middle of Beijing, the prospect of a diligent maritime administration arising in Ulan Bator would appear to be a trifle improbable, even with a curious world where the Swiss now hold the America's Cup. More ship registers is not what the maritime world really needs, especially those whose principal purpose is not to administer the fleets beneficially-owned in their own country properly, but to rake in a few dollars for a management outfit operating out of a third party country. Quality registers are what the world requires at this juncture. The exotic ought to stay in non-critical business areas."
Scilly News reports that Nappies a cargo of Nappies has been washed up on SCILLONIAN beaches.

A tide of nappies and other Pampers products have inundated the Islands’ shores over the past few days, creating somewhat of a diaper dilemma for Environmental authorities.

Thousand of nappies and wet wipes have been washed up in their packets in coves on most of the Islands. The first packs were spotted drifting in on the high tide on Monday Evening. The products seem to be in good condition but most of the plastic packets have been perforated so it would be dangerous to use the products on infants due to salt-water contamination.

You literally couldn’t make this story up and it shows how times have changed since the days when wrecking and washed up salvage was the mainstay of the Islands economy. Initial rumours circulated that a container from the 1997 wreck ‘Cita’ had broken up underwater and released its contents, but Scilly News can reveal a manufacture date of December 2002, adding further confusion to the conundrum.

Experts and speculative locals are baffled as to the origin of the nappies. The Environmental trusts’ advice has been to collect up the packs before they break open and cause even more of a problem.

Ben-My-Chree - MoD Charter  February 8
There is a rumour doing the rounds that Sea Containers have chartered the BEN-MY-CHREE to the UK Ministry of Defence for service in the Gulf. 

A rather unlikely scenario but one possibly fuelled by the recent departure of BRAVE MERCHANT for similar duties.

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