A mobile phone helped rescue 12 divers off North Devon's coast when their inflatable boats became swamped. The Navy and Marine personnel based in North Devon had been diving off Lundy on Saturday and were taken to safety by a Chivenor RAF rescue helicopter and Appledore's RNLI lifeboat. The group had travelled to the dive site in two rigid inflatable boats. On the return journey, approximately 12 miles from the mainland, the boats became swamped and damaged. One began to sink. A mobile phone call was made to the marine emergency service. The helicopter winched five people to safety and five were rescued by the lifeboat. Two stayed on board one of the boats and they were towed in. John Sibley, watch manager at Swansea Lifeguard said: "Fortunately the weather had been kind to them. There was good visibility and a moderate sea. These divers are very experienced and took all the necessary precautions. However accidents can happen to the best prepared party and our advice is always to prepare for the worst."